Sunday, March 29, 2009

Road to Recovery

Since he hurt his back a few months ago Johnny's been kind of taking it easy. The kids and I have really enjoyed having him home.

The day after he was in the hospital the kids were fascinated with his hospital bracelet so he made one for each of them.

2009-02-08 Hospital Bracelets 002

2009-02-08 Hospital Bracelets 004

Mostly though, there was a lot of TV time and snuggling with the kids.

2009-02-12 TV Time 003

And we wonder why he keeps injuring his back!

2009-03-11 TV time 001

He's doing much better though. He's had two rounds of steroid shots and is going to start physical therapy soon.  We’re working on getting a copy of his MRI so stay tuned for that exciting post!

The most exciting thing (for me at least) is that he’s stopped taking his drugs now. He was on some pretty serious stuff. Wikipedia says that it replaced Heroin on the market and is 3 times stronger.  He says they made things feel MUCH better but he felt like he was in a coma.  Between the dilaudid and the muscle relaxers he would start snoring even before he was asleep.  It was pretty incredible!

Johnny posted this video on his Facebook page with this description:

“Emily decided to make a mockery of me because I was snoring in my drug induced slumber, whilst my kids were jumping around me. But I was more lucid than she anticipated. To translate my response, "You shouldn't make fun of people with drugs."”