Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where everybody knows your name?

Things at the Russ House are going well. We’ve had lots of requests for pictures but as every stranger I see will tell you my “hands are really full!”

Grandma “Jannie” was here for 3 awesome weeks. The kids had a great time with her and I really loved having someone to take care of all of us. There’s just nothing like having your mom around!

2009-10-13 Grandma Jan 033

2009-10-13 Grandma Jan 025

The kids have adjusted well to having a new little guy around the house. I’m still not always sure they know his name yet. Zack was talking to Grandpa Otis on the phone a few days after Alex was born and he said “We gave our Chubby a name but… I just can’t remember it!”

2009-10-05 004

They still call him Chubby a lot and he’s living up to his nickname (he weighed in at 12 pounds, 11 ounces today... 5 1/2 weeks old!) When they do use his name they either call him “Alex the Lion” (from Madagascar) or “Alex-the-Zander”.

Alex, sleeping during his entire first bath 2009-10-02 003

They’re all quite fond of him. Lila loves to hold and kiss him and is looking forward to the day when she can hold him standing up. Abby is quite the little mother and wants to take care of him CONSTANTLY.

2009-10-17 Abby Baby Bjorn 004

Zack likes being the big brother but can’t wait for the baby to get big enough to wrestle. (Though at the rate Alex’s thighs are growing it might have to be sumo wrestling!)

2009-10-21 brothers 008

For the most part though, it’s just business as usual around here… (note those awesome pink cowboy boots Abby’s sportin’!!)

2009-10-08 princess dress up 003