Friday, August 31, 2007

My favorite pictures

At the risk of posting too much stuff today, I wanted to put up a few of my favorite pictures of the kids. Isn't it amazing how much you love your own kids (especially when they're sleeping!!)

My Lila Bean...

My sweet Abby...

My little man Zack...

Thanks to Johnny's brother Robert for this awesome picture of Lila on the beach. He always seems to capture the most amazing shots!

Oh no you didn't!!

Things are kind of crazy at our house these days. Abby and Zack have become mobile. Not only are they crawling all over the place, they've now decided they want to climb up the stairs too. They pull up on everything and walk along furniture and walk pushing toys... my favorite trick is that when I put them down for naps they immediately stand up in their cribs!

They are incredibly cute together though and in the moments when I'm not wondering how I'm ever going to survive, I love having twins. I love watching them when they first see each other in the mornings. They get so excited and start giggling and talking to each other. Who knew you could love two babies so much!!

And so it begins...

I feel a little bit of pressure posting my first blog entry here. It's kind of like starting a new journal. I feel like I should say something amazing or funny but I can't think of either. I'm quite excited to be able to spend all my free time (yeah, free time) blogging. Lots of my friends are doing it these days and that seems like good enough reason for me. Maybe now I'll spend time posting instead of just reading everyone else's blogs. Actually, as you can tell by our first blog post, Johnny's had this thing set up for about 3 years now. I guess that means that everyone else was just copying us right?

To all you lurkers (people who read and don't post) I'd love your comments... I need the validation! :) I think my good friend Marci described blogging best. She said it's like putting your diary out there for everyone to read. If people comment then you don't feel quite as vulnerable. Like maybe people enjoy reading what you post. So go ahead lurkers... lurk no more!

Here's to many more hours of beautiful blogging!