Monday, February 22, 2010


One of the reasons I HAD to go to Utah was to meet Miss Molly… When I got there she was only two weeks old and oh so TINY. Especially when we set her up next to Alex. At the time he was 3 1/2 months old…

2010-01-13 Kids 004 2010-01-13 Kids 018 2010-01-13 Kids 024 2010-01-13 Kids 027

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flyin’ with Four…

Johnny needed to finish his thesis, I needed to meet the tiny little Molly, no one had met Alex, and my baby brother Danny got home from his mission. FOUR good reasons to justify flying home BY MYSELF with ALL FOUR munchkins.

And, it was awesome. (mostly, awesome…)

The kids were SOOO good.

2010-01-11 cell phone 22

This is Zack, just after he said “BARF” into his barf bag.2010-01-11 cell phone 23

On the way to Utah our flight got in at what felt like midnight to me and the kids. Zack had a little (ok a ginormous) meltdown about 20 minutes before we landed and about 10 minutes before we landed the three big kids finally fell asleep. My sister Tami took this picture of me as we walked to see everyone. When Zack and Abby were freaking out at the end, a sweet lady from Kentucky volunteered to hold the baby. She saw my family waiting for me at the baggage and kindly told my dad that I needed help. He went and got a pass from the airline and came to my rescue.

imageAfter a reasonably great flight in (really… it was mostly great!!), I was really nervous about the flight back. I mean, how lucky could I be to get two great flights? But lady luck was on my side. There was absolutely NO crying. NONE!! (And if you know my history with flying and crying… 4 hours of straight crying… you know that this is a miracle.)

Abby & Zack even scored some new suitcases to try and make things easier…


We had a four and a half hour layover in Denver. I was really worried about it, but the kids had a great time.

We rode the train…


Dreamed of becoming astronauts…


And made ourselves at home on the third floor of concourse C by playing some cards, Barbies, and “Inja” Turtles,



Some of us even had a little nap…



The trip would have been perfect if Abby hadn’t gotten airsick and puked while we were landing. Too bad I didn’t teach her to use the barf bag!!