Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Potions Perfection

In celebration of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opening we wanted to share some of the potions Lila has whipped up recently. First we got to sample some polyjuice potion.

Here Lila is explaining the secret ingredients (apple juice, orange juice, & grape kool-aid). Unfortunately Lila is the only one that knows the exact proportions to use. The orange juice is key to giving it that cloudy grey color. Also Lila told us that it could only be made in the bathroom.


It has to be gently stirred exactly 10 times.


Zack consistently counts to 2 or 3 Spider-man style. It makes me so proud.


Of course it would taste awful, everybody knows how gross polyjuice potion is (actually I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was).


Just like Hermione, Lila suddenly became ill and said she had to go to a bathroom stall to be sick. Apparently all three of them accidentally got animal hair in theirs instead of a person’s hair.


For her next potion Lila demonstrated her secret knowledge from the Great Book of Gummi by whipping up a batch of Gummiberry juice.


As normal humans, Abby and Zack demonstrated the normal Gummiberry juice response of super strength.


Lila on the other hand, as a Gummi Bear demonstrated the trademark super bounciness.


I am going to request some Felix Felicis potion for Lila’s next potion. Let us know what you are interested in and we will see if Lila can get you some.