Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Babies

A giggle, a smile, a kiss on the cheek.
Sneaking into your room for one last bedtime peek.

Wiping your tears as I cuddle you tight.
Hoping my kisses make everything right.

With twice the tickles and twice the laughs,
We have two times the messes and two times the baths.

Though only two babies are running around,
We've quadrupled the love and we've tripled the sound.

We've got arms full and hearts full and joy overflowing.
With amazement we watch how you're learning and growing.

Each day brings new bruises, new bumps with each fall,
But we cherish these moments with you while you're small.

Though we're busy and crazy and sometimes feel stressed,
We also feel lucky, loved, and quite blessed.

We've had double the joy, double fun from the start...
Because two little babies have stolen our hearts.

-Emily Russ-

Happy First Birthday Abby & Zack!!


alligood said...

I LOVE the poem - and I'm impressed you wrote it! It captures the first year of twins really well! What sweet one year olds!

Happy Birthday Abby and Zack!

(And congratulations Emily and Johnny for surviving the first year!!! It only gets easier from here...... except when they're two.....) :-)

Mindy said...

What a cute poem. You are so creative. As I was reading it, I kept thinking "I wonder where she found this adorable poem". And to my amazement it came from your heart. I can't believe they are already ONE!! Happy Birthday Abby and Zack, you are so much fun, we will have even more fun this next year!!

Jacee McGuire said...

I love your poem! Happy birthday twins and Lila, they are all SO cute! I love what you did for Lila's b-day.

Monica said...

Awesome poem Em. The twins look like they thoroughly enjoyed their birthday cake!

Dan and Fam said...

Believe me when I say I know exactly what u mean..hehe Good job Em. Quick Q for u Em...I cant get the stat counter to work on my site? Help...Dan

Bee said...

Thats a cute poem..Abby n Zack look so cute..Like Mindy, i also cant believe they are 1..miss seeing them though..bijaya

Shay said...

You are the birthday throwing queen! I love 1st birthdays. Hope it was a blast!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh, awhhhhhh, how sweet and what a perfect poem. It's all good and I am happy for you all. I wish I could be there. Love, Grandma Russ

Heidi said...

I'm totally impressed with your poem! These kids are so cute, can you believe they're already one???

The whole time I'm pregnant I'm (literally) praying that the time will pass quickly, but as soon as these tiny little people arrive I want time to stand still.

Unfortunalely it seems that the pregnancy drags on and time flies by me once the baby (or in your case babies) is here. I suppose we have to just enjoy every moment of all of it!

Happy Birthday Zack and Abby!

Nick said...

Emily, I must admit that poem was remarkable! Thankyou for sharing that poem with us! You have always been a great poet... very impressive.
Love the pictures on this post. Your babies are growing so fast...they're not really babies anymore. Give them kisses for me.
Love ya!-Tami

Rindi said...

So sweet... and amazing poem! You seem to have handled twins so well. I am so impressed by what you do. They are so adorable!! Happy Birthday to all of your kids. Now, on to Christmas, right? Whew, you must be exhausted!!

Heidi said...

You make the most amazing cakes!! I am loving the birthday parties! You have had a busy month - what a great Mom!!

Eardley Family said...

That was so sweet! You are such an example of ignoring the craziness and enjoying the babiness!! We sure miss you guys.


Marianne said...

Girl, you need to STOP being so dang amazing. :) i love LOVE the poem. so SO cute.if i ever have twins i'm copying everything you do. happy bday babies!

Dan and Fam said...

Em, (referring to the jiu jitsu) It is not me but the guy on bottom is named Dan. Kinda Funny, did you watch the vid?

Cassi said...

So cute. They look so big. You are such a poet and always make me cry... I have been trying to write a poem for a long time and just can't do it. Can I hire you?

Natalie said...

I forgot to comment that the pictures of the twins eating their cake is EXACTLY how I picture them. Abby being sweet and careful and Zack just digging in!!