Saturday, November 20, 2010

We’ve got worms…

We celebrated Halloween in style this year and had a super "Spookee" dinner.
2010-10-31 Halloween 003
2010-10-31 Halloween 044

Lila (and her Kindergarten spelling) worked up a menu for us and featured some of our favorites...
2010-10-31 Halloween 023
brans in skolz (brains and skulls, skulls not pictured)
bons (bones)
2010-10-31 Halloween 022
momes (mummies)
2010-10-31 Halloween 019
gost ibolz (ghost eyeballs)
toos uv monstrz (toes of monsters)
wich feeingrz (witch fingers)
2010-10-31 Halloween 014
wrms (worms)2010-10-31 Halloween 012
swomp wodr (swamp water)

the kids really thought we went and scooped this out of the lake... it was even bubbling... awesome!
2010-10-31 Halloween 018

toomstonz (tombstones)2010-10-31 Halloween 004

Not pictured:
peepl feeingrz (people fingers),
jragin hortz dipd in spitr blud (dragon hearts dipped in spider blood.. really chocolate covered strawberries...)
bludee dip (bloody dip)
ogr spit (ogre spit)

The highlight of the dinner was definitely the "worms". They were incredible.
2010-10-31 Halloween 055

I let Lila take some leftovers to school in her lunch the next day and she said the kids were all grossed out. No one believed her that they weren't real.
2010-10-31 Halloween 051

It was awesome!2010-10-31 Halloween 045

This is definitely a tradition we are going to continue!!
2010-10-31 Halloween 026

Happy Halloween (just a teensy bit late!)2010-10-31 Halloween 033

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Daddy,

Dear Daddy,
We are really glad that you love your new job, but things just aren't quite the same around here without you.

Since you've been working all the time we don't get nearly as much exercise...

but we DO get a little bit more sleep...
and there is a little bit more of THIS around here.

We've discovered that Mommy just isn't as much fun as you...

and we miss the fun things you teach us (mommy just doesn't "get" the games we like to play sometimes).
and she doesn't know nearly as much cool stuff as you do.

Mommy doesn't even know how to cook. Seriously!! We thought she could at least figure that out, but we think the stuff she makes is NASTY (not at all like the hot yummy stuff you make)...

even if she bribes us with candy...

We all agree that we like you BEST!!

(and even though Zack sometimes says that he likes "everyone the same as everyone", we all know the truth...)

But don't worry, we're learning how to stay in touch...

and we're doing our best to fill your shoes.

And even though sometimes the days are (really) long without you here...

we really look forward to the weekends with you.
And we especially like having a little bit more of this...
so keep up the good work. We'll be here waiting for you when you get home!!
Love, Us

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Zack Attack

If I ever have to go into battle, I want THIS guy on my team...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mr. Peastache

Mr. Peastache and VamPEAer came over to dinner a few nights ago. I think we'll invite them back again soon.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

If you were turning one year old...

If you were turning one year old...

and they put a box in front of you and told you to tear it apart...

you'd open it up and say "WOW!!"

and then your BIG BROTHER would push you around and around and around on your new ride and even be your stop sign...

but your BIG SISTER might be a little sad when she can't play with your toys...

and while you were playing with your new stuff your MOM would whip out this little beauty...

and you'd be super grateful...

and it would be really yummy...

and you would think it was pretty much the best birthday you'd ever had...

and it would be, if YOU were turning one year old!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alex-the-Zander!!