Thursday, November 27, 2008


More princess party pictures to come...

It's Thanksgiving today and I am sitting in my childhood Hooper home smelling my mom's turkey cooking. I'm grateful for a lot of things, but today isn't just any Thanksgiving day so this isn't going to be just any Thanksgiving post.

4 years ago today I experienced a miracle. I became a mother. She was due on Thanksgiving day which seemed appropriate considering the circumstances, (though she chose to wait a few days to make her appearance). After years of heartache, fertility treatments, and prayers they finally placed a chubby little bundle in my arms. I had never been so thankful for anything in my whole life.

Today my little girl is dressed as a princess. She has scrapes on her face and knees from falling down, and I had to beg her to come let me hold her as I celebrated the minute she was born. She's growing up. I can't protect her from falling and getting hurt... I can't even make her get dressed most of the time! But she will always be my baby. My miracle.

Last night as we were kissing her goodnight I said "I'm kind of sad. I'm going to miss my 3 year old Lila." She said, "It's ok to be sad, mommy. Even grown ups get sad sometimes. You'll get used to me again!"

I'm not sure you get used to your babies growing up though.

Lila makes me laugh more than I ever dreamed possible. She's silly and sweet (and sometimes messy and disgusting). But I can't imagine my life without her.

Now there are 2 more little people running around singing "Happy Birthday to you..." and the memories of the trials to get them here have faded a little. But on this Thanksgiving Birthday my greatest blessings are celebrated together. Those three little miracles that call me mom.

Happy Birthday Lila Bean! I love you "most of all the world!"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mine, All Mine!

Abby has always had an exaggerated sense of entitlement, but lately she has been taking it to new levels. Here are just a few of the things that in just the last day or two she has made sure to tell us belonged to her with that favorite toddler phrase, “That’s Mine!”

“That’s my bear”

2008-11-02 Mine 011

“That’s mine” (the red stain on the edge of the tub)

2008-11-02 Mine 005

“Those are my pants!” (while I was wearing them)

2008-11-02 Mine 001

“That’s my book!”

2008-11-02 Mine 006

“That’s mine!”

2008-11-02 Mine 002

“That’s my baby!” (leg pillow?)

2008-11-02 Mine 007

“Those are mine!” (the buttons on Emily’s sleeve)

2008-11-02 Mine 012

“Those are my socks!” (size 13?)

2008-11-04 Mine 001

“That’s mine!”

2008-11-04 Mine 005

“That’s mine!” (sinus spray?)

2008-11-04 Mine 008

“She’s mine!” (yep even Cindy Lou Who)

2008-11-04 Mine 007

“She’s mine!” (while Emily was taking her much needed Sunday nap)

2008-11-02 Mine 008

Not pictured: a squirrel on the porch, the Bokovoy's Halloween lights, and at least two dozen other random things.