Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh no you didn't!!

Things are kind of crazy at our house these days. Abby and Zack have become mobile. Not only are they crawling all over the place, they've now decided they want to climb up the stairs too. They pull up on everything and walk along furniture and walk pushing toys... my favorite trick is that when I put them down for naps they immediately stand up in their cribs!

They are incredibly cute together though and in the moments when I'm not wondering how I'm ever going to survive, I love having twins. I love watching them when they first see each other in the mornings. They get so excited and start giggling and talking to each other. Who knew you could love two babies so much!!


katieo said...

Mobility=the end of sanity!

I think that's so cute they're such good friends already!

And SOOO glad you hopped on the blogging bandwagon! :)

Danny said...

Well........ I am happy for you. This is such a huge step in your life. I am glad you are sharing it with me.

emilyaaa said...

Em--my abby is crawling, too, and doing steps, etc....and it's honestly like twice the work! So, does that mean for you that it's four times the work? or maybe 16 times the work? again, i ask the question, HOW DO YOU DO IT!?!?!? you're superwoman! I'm so glad that in your free time you've decided to keep the rest of us updated with pics of your little one. They're so cute, it's about time you start sharing them with the W of B! (world of bloggers--that's not an actual acronym, i just made it up...but if it's commonly used 3 years from now, i'll trademark it :)