Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Well, it's not gonna do us any good sitting here whining about it"

Emily is traveling to Toronto to visit with my sister Tiffany and her family. She called me as she was traveling through upstate New York. The conversation went something like this:

Emily: "Hey, I'm in Peru, New York. Can you look it up and tell me if I am making good time?"
Johnny: "Peru?"
Johnny:"Are you sure?"
Emily:"Yes, why?"
Johnny:"Well you are almost to Canada, but you are going to cross the boarder in the wrong place!"

In the maze of freeways going through Albany, Emily ended up heading north for several hours instead of heading west. Now she is driving around the north side of Lake Ontario instead of the South side. I certainly could have been much worse, but it is pretty painful to tack 2 or 3 hours on to a 12 hour car ride with three young children. Oh well, I am sure tomorrow will be much better since the kids didn't really take much of a nap, and they went to be 3 hours later than normal.


Tiffany said...

Are you implying that Emily is "dumb" or that maybe she would have made better time and gas mileage had she taken a moped to Toronto? I am confused

Tami said...

That's a sad mistake. 2 or 3 more hours can make the difference between sanity and insanity! Have fun there, EM!

Tanya said...

bless her.

Amateur Steph said...

Oh no! My prayers are with you Em.

Jaron, Joni, and Family said...

Emily, I am a blogger now and enjoyed looking at your blog. I was sad not to see you this summer! Hopefully our visits will cross next year!

Unknown said...

Are you serious!? I'm impressed she's brave enough to travel by herself at all with 3 little kids let alone 12 hours. I hope she ended up in the right place! Good luck Emily!