Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mine, All Mine!

Abby has always had an exaggerated sense of entitlement, but lately she has been taking it to new levels. Here are just a few of the things that in just the last day or two she has made sure to tell us belonged to her with that favorite toddler phrase, “That’s Mine!”

“That’s my bear”

2008-11-02 Mine 011

“That’s mine” (the red stain on the edge of the tub)

2008-11-02 Mine 005

“Those are my pants!” (while I was wearing them)

2008-11-02 Mine 001

“That’s my book!”

2008-11-02 Mine 006

“That’s mine!”

2008-11-02 Mine 002

“That’s my baby!” (leg pillow?)

2008-11-02 Mine 007

“Those are mine!” (the buttons on Emily’s sleeve)

2008-11-02 Mine 012

“Those are my socks!” (size 13?)

2008-11-04 Mine 001

“That’s mine!”

2008-11-04 Mine 005

“That’s mine!” (sinus spray?)

2008-11-04 Mine 008

“She’s mine!” (yep even Cindy Lou Who)

2008-11-04 Mine 007

“She’s mine!” (while Emily was taking her much needed Sunday nap)

2008-11-02 Mine 008

Not pictured: a squirrel on the porch, the Bokovoy's Halloween lights, and at least two dozen other random things.


Emily Widdison said...

well, at least she knows how to speak her mind!

Natalie said...

Oh how I love little Abby. I can't wait till she comes here. Hopefully she will like us all enough to make us "hers"

Cute post!

Brandon said...

I can't wait to have kids.

Tanya said...

ha ha...what a funny little girl. i wish i could see it in action!

Millicent said...

Oh, that lil' Abby. She's a funny one. But, I don't blame her for wanting to call dibs on the nasal spray...that's good stuff!

katieo said...

yeah, she wanted me to tell you that this comment is hers too...