Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Man Down

As many of you know I have been battling a couple of torn and herniated discs in my back for the last year and a half. Well things have been great for the last 6 months and we were just starting to think I was out of the woods. Then a week and a half ago I was just sitting at my desk working when I started to feel a little uncomfortable. So I stood up to try and see if I could feel a little more comfortable. I didn’t make it more than two steps. I’ll put it the way the I did when the doctor later asked me, “where is your pain on a scale of 1 to 10?” And I replied, “If 10 is the worst pain you have ever experienced in your life, then I will go with 10.”

I think I went into shock or something, and I am man enough to admit it, I was crying and couldn’t really think straight. Since I was unable to move at all and I was at the bottom of our stairs Emily decided to call an ambulance. When the kids saw the condition I was in and Emily told them that she called an ambulance for me, they had some interesting reactions.

Lila lost it and collapsed on her bed crying. So Emily told her everything was OK and that she should go talk to me. It was so sad when she talked to me because she was keeping a tough face and trying not to cry but she couldn’t help it. I explained to her that I was ok and that the ambulance was just coming to give me special medicine that we didn’t have at home. Then she said, “So you aren’t going to die?” It was so sad and so sweet of her.

Meanwhile Zack seemed to be aware that something was wrong so he kept coming over and gently patting me on the chest, and then going back to playing.

Abby on the other hand seemed to be oblivious. She was packing Weebles tightly around my head and holding them up periodically to ask me what each of their names were.

When the ambulance came I had composed myself (I couldn’t look like a sissy in front of the firemen and EMTs of course). I think they thought things weren’t so bad, so they first tried to get me up and have me walk out while they supported my weight. That hurt so bad that I got dizzy and almost threw up. They strapped me into some chair and I passed out while 5 men carried me up the stairs and into the ambulance.

And for all you doubters that have accused Emily of giving up and quitting on our blog, worry no longer. While I was being hauled away in the ambulance, Emily had the frame of mind to whip out her cell phone and snap a nice blurry shot for the blog.

2009-02-07 Johnny's Back out 001

My doctor seems to think things will be OK and I will heal. He hooked me up with plenty of pain killers for the first week or two. Then I will just have to start over and do a better job about my physical therapy, etc. this time around. We will know more after my next visit, they may do an MRI.


Shay said...

That is awful! We all know you are a tough man and I'm glad you could be man enough to show us your true emotions. Real men do cry!!!! Good Luck with your recovery.

Jim said...

I herniated 2 discs in my back after a car accident my freshman year of college. My back was a little sore then I bent over to grab something off my bed and my back locked up. I couldn't move for 3 days, I just fell over on to my bed and did not move for 3 days. I feel your pain, get well soon.

Tami said...

Ya that sucks. I can just see Lila throwing herself onto her bed crying because she thought you were dying. I'm glad you didn't die. I have wondered how you are doing. Good thing Emily got a good shot of you in the ambulance...after all, that's what matters, right? The other day my mom was saying "Emily needs to update her blog!" so I'm glad that you did and I'm sure there are a lot of people who are glad that there is a new story about your lives. I just wish it was a happy story. Don't get addicted to those pain pills. Good luck with the healing!

katieo said...

Oh geez! I'm so sorry- That sounds horrid.

Thanks for the update though, even if it's not good news we (the Russ family adoring fans) shrivel up and die without knowing what's going on with you all!

Emily Russ. How the heck are you surviving with the kids and an impaired husband? ...in the winter?
You'll all be in my prayers tonight.

Emily Widdison said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! Back pain is no good, no good at all! Kyle would have cried too.

Amy said...

Look on the bright side: you got to ride in an ambulance. That's my 2-year-old's fondest dream.

Lisa and McCord said...

Em, that is terrible. I hope you start feelin better and everything works out for the best. Your pictures of your kids are so cute. Add my blog to your list of blogs to keep up on.

Love ya cuz,