Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little RussSchool

After agonizing about it for a LONG time I finally decided not to send Lila to preschool this year. For lots of reasons, I decided to do a little preschool called "Russ School" at home for my 3 little rascals. Because of the baby coming it's been a little hit and miss, but the kids seem to really like it and I think once things settle down around here I'll really enjoy spending time with them, doing projects, and watching them learn.

We took the classic first day of school pictures (and I have to confess that one of the best parts of doing this preschool at home is that I don't have to fight anyone to get dressed or care about what they wear!)
Our first project was to make little people for us to use when we sing our "Hello" song.

The next day (which was actually like a week later, but who's keeping track) we had an introduction to "Shapes". We had different shaped pancakes for breakfast and they thought that was really impressive.

Then we practice drawing shapes on our awesome whiteboards (thanks Aunt Tami).

I didn't get good pictures, but we also played the Hokey Pokey with some shapes on popscicle sticks. The highlight of the day was our "Shapes Spotlight" where we went into the bedroom and used flashlights to find different paper cut out shapes around the room. Something about a dark room and a flashlight is really thrilling!! :)

Tomorrow we're going to learn about circles. Oh, the excitement!!

And yes, for those of you religiously checking our blog for an update... tomorrow (the 17th) IS my due date but I'm still plenty pregnant. We'll keep you posted!

p.p.s. Happy Birthday GG


katieo said...

Emily, you look so cute!

And serious props to you for attempting preschool. They look like they're having a blast.

Tomorrow is your due date? I went over with all four boys. Every single day I went past my due date was like descending into the next circle of hell.

so hey! I'll be praying for you tonight...that the baby comes soon...or you'll have superhero strength to deal if it's a little later than you hoped.(..but really that the baby just comes soon...)

Shay said...

You look so GREAT! I love your belly and your pregnancy glow!
I'm happy to hear of your decision with Lila. I know that has been such a problem. You are such an AMAZING mom for doing preschool at home. I think you made the best decision. Your kids will look back on this and have so many great memories. You go girl! Can't wait for your baby to come!

Bob said...

I haven't seen you for like two days and I swear you do not look that big in real life. I can't wait for chubby to arrive though! -EmmaLee

Lisa and McCord said...

WOW cuz! You look fantastic Emily. Jeez, wasn't it just yesterday that you would come and tend us while my parents when on a vacation and now Jared's going on a mission, Angie's pregnant, and I've been married for 3.5 years. Nate will turn 16 next april. Now you've got 3.75 kids. Nuts! Your family is so cute.

Tami said...

Wow, look at that belly! You pop right out!

I'm glad you are able to use the whiteboards and hopefully you're able to use other stuff.

Congrats with preschool. Lovely!

Cassi said...

you look gorgeous in this picture! You are so creative. Keep posting your preschool stuff cause I am going to copy you :). And I am glad your new addition finally decided to come.