Tuesday, July 27, 2010

High Fliers

On one of his recent training flights, my pilot brother Andy offered to stop off at the Ogden Airport so the kids could check out the plane. They had a great time and can't believe that Andy knows how to fly a real plane!! Zack got a huge kick out of listening to the radio control tower on Andy's cool headphones!! He even let them play with the controls a little bit and make the rudder go up and down. They were all excited when we flew to Florida and saw the stuff moving on the wings "just like on Andy's plane!!"

I only had my cell phone but "Muck" had her camera. You can check out her cute pics here!!


Jan Haws said...

It was fun!

Brady said...

Not to be too critical, but the rudder goes left and right not up and down... that's the elevator.
Love ya!