Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dear Santa

As a little girl, I remember the anticipation of Christmas was almost more than I could bear sometimes. As an adult, you just can’t recapture that excitement. I’ve decided, however, that watching these kids get excited is almost as much fun as being a kid myself.

“Dear Santa,

I want a hop ball (pictured)

Love Zack”

2010-12-13 Gingerbread houses 016

2010-12-13 Gingerbread houses 019

“Dear Santa,

I want a American Girl Doll and a Zhu Zhu Pet”

2010-12-13 Gingerbread houses 022

“Dear Santa,

I want American Doll"


(note: Abby had decided to change the spelling of her name to

A-B-B-E… but that’s fodder for another post)

2010-12-15 Santa letters 0242010-12-15 Santa letters 030

"Ho Ho HOOOOOOOOOO!!!” –Alex

2010-12-13 Gingerbread houses 004

1 comment:

Tami said...

Oh, I understand the "Abbe" spelling, I think.
Your post was cute with your kids' letters to Santa. You're right that as an adult Christmas kinda stinks but I can see how fun it really can be with kids. Cute post, Em.