Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It’s Sweet to be Six

Back before my knee incident, (in NOVEMBER!!) we had a super “SWEET” birthday party for Lila. In my usual style I promised myself that I wouldn’t go crazy and then ended up doing way more than I planned…

We had cute invites (the purple “frosting” part of the cake twisted off to the side and the invite info was underneath.)

2010-11-04 006

Fun Games (there were prizes and treats inside the balloons)

2010-11-20 Lila's Birthday Party 026

The PERFECT Unicorn piñata

2010-11-20 Lila's Birthday Party 073

TONS of friends

2010-11-20 Lila's Birthday Party 066

Presents (with great packaging)

2010-11-20 Lila's Birthday Party 081

And an incredible Kit Kat Cake

2010-11-20 Lila's Birthday Party 002

But after all that, the highlight of the party was the last minute game I pulled together at the suggestion of my kindergarten teacher sister.


2010-11-20 Lila's Birthday Party 0402010-11-20 Lila's Birthday Party 050

It’s especially funny when Daddy plays!!

2010-11-20 Lila's Birthday Party 052

I had a tough but good parenting moment while I was making the cake. I put the pink and purple ribbon on the cake before I put the M&M’s on. After the M&M’s were on I wanted to change the ribbon because it didn’t match. Lila wanted the ribbon to stay because it was her favorite colors. We had a little battle. I wasn’t going to give in because it was JUST ribbon. Plus, I wanted it to match so I could have some good pictures (which in hindsight is SUCH a lame reason). We tested out the ribbon I wanted and Lila just cried. She tried so hard not to, but it was obvious that she was just devastated. I took one look at her sad little face and realized I was so, so wrong. I quickly comforted her and changed the ribbon back to pink and purple. I told her that what was important wasn’t ribbon, it was her and we could do it her way.

It was a good lesson for me. Sometimes I dig my heels in and try to make things “perfect” and I forget WHY I am actually doing all these things. In the end, it was PERFECT for her, and that is what really mattered.

2010-11-20 Lila's Birthday Party 061


Natalie said...

So cute! What a fun party for a sweet 6 year old. We love you, Lila bean, and are so glad you got to be part of our lives 6 years ago.

PS. I didn't notice the ribbon, but I did notice there was only 5 candles.

Em Russ said...

no no, it is only the angle of the picture. One of the candles is hiding!

Danika said...

Still stalking you via your blog. Uhm, can I come to your next kid's birthday party? They look amazing!

L!ND$EY said...

Once again, such an amazing party! I think I'm going to request a Kit-Kat cake for my next birthday =) Thanks for sharing the ribbon story.

Anonymous said...

I have Eliza's Next birthday completely planned. Thanks. :)