Thursday, April 21, 2011

“Don’t Eat Pete" Easter Style!

another one for Natalie...

Have you ever played “Don’t Eat Pete”… it is so simple but the kids absolutely LOVE it. LOVE. This morning I was trying to come up with an “eggtivity” and I realized I could capitalize on the love of “Pete” for this holiday.

2011-04-21 easter idea 001

The directions are simple. Here’s the adapted directions for my Easter purposes.

Take a piece of poster board or paper. You can do it on a regular piece of paper but I happened to have this poster board lying around. There is a regular “Don’t Eat Pete” game on the back that we used for a birthday party. If you wanted to decorate each square with cute eggs or bunnies you totally could. I don’t have that much energy today! Really, the size of the board doesn’t matter. (Here is a cute variation that you could use as well.)

Draw lines to make nine squares. Put an egg on each square. Each egg should have one piece of candy or cereal inside. (For “normal” Pete you just put the candy or cereal right on the square.)

Have one child leave the room. The other kids then decide which square will be “Easter” or “Pete”. (Really, you could call it whatever you want. If you think of something more clever, send me a note so I can copy you!)

Bring the first child back into the room. They choose one square at a time and eat the candy from that square. For this Easter version they will have to open the eggs to get to the candy. As soon as the child (or adult!!) opens the chosen egg everyone else yells “DON’T EAT EASTER”!!! If you are doing this without the eggs you just scream as soon as they touch “Pete”.)

Their turn is then over and the next person leaves the room and the fun just starts all over again!

For some reason, the kids think this is hilarious. Especially if Daddy is playing!

(this picture is from Lila’s birthday party. You can see that the regular Pete board just has random animal pictures. Really, you could adapt it to any theme… princesses, pirates… the possibilities are endless!)

2010-11-20 Lila's Birthday Party 055

Now hop to it and make your own Easter Pete game. You won’t be sorry (well… you might be sorry after you have had to play a thousand times, but your kids definitely won’t be sorry.)

edit: check out the update I posted here!


Anonymous said...

How fun does this game sound?! So simple yet effective!! I'm a new follower and will definately give this game a go!!

Katie said...

So fun Em. Good job! I am going to try it.