Friday, May 6, 2011


2011-05-06 dandelion 085
With the awesome explosion of Spring lately, my kids have renewed their fascination with dandelions.
A few years ago my mom took the kids shopping right before Mothers Day and let them pick out anything they wanted for me. Lila picked out these cute little vases and these days they are constantly filled with the little (wilting) yellow treasures.
I’ve been thinking about these little yellow “weeds” a bit lately.
2011-05-06 dandelion 027
I can’t help but remember a poem I wrote in 1995, back when I used to fancy myself a poet. I dug my old poetry scrapbook out today. It’s a simple little poem, but I thought I’d share my little treasure with you.
2011-05-06 dandelion 072
those little yellow tokens of love
are just weeds,
to the ignorant.
but in the eyes of a child,
they are priceless,
gifts from God
for a loving mother.
-by Emily Haws
April 30, 1995

2011-05-06 dandelion 018
2011-05-06 dandelion 054


Liz said... sweet and so true...there's a purple flower weed that grows in my yard and lately my Dad has been picking them and bringing them in to cute. Loved the pictures.

Jan Haws said...

I agree with Liz. So Sweet and so true! I loved your poem when you first wrote it and still do. for so many years, I had a little brown pottery vase in my kitchen window that was full of the beautiful love flowers from all of my little kids and grand kids too. I love the picture.

Monica said...

Em, your Dandelion poem is the coolest! I love it. This post reminds me of how much fun I had picking dandelions as a kid. I hope we can see each other in July! July will be a good time to leave AZ and visit the UT. :)

katieo said...

oh this is so cute!!
Thomas loves Dandelions. He calls them Handy-Dandys.

I like dandelions too...when they are not taking over our lawn. Then, not so much. ;)

Happy Mother's Day Emily!!!

Bryan and Amanda Russ said...

You are a poet!

Amateur Steph said...

What a sweet poem. My girls are convinced that dandelions are my favorite flower and gather me bouquets from our lawn. They're taking over this year!

Lindsey said...

Okay - I've been thinking about your poem for a week; I love it! I'm stealing it for my blog for pictures of my Emily picking dandelions...