Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two Heads…

One of my favorite things about having twins is how they play together and love each other. They entertain each other a lot of the time and do almost everything together. Which can also be sort of a bad thing sometimes…

2011-06-01 001


Me (rubbing Zack’s head): Uhmmmm… buddy, did you cut your hair?

2011-06-01 004

Zack: Yeah, me AND Abby did it (as if that makes it better).

Me: Guys, what did you do with the hair?

Them (at the exact same time): Put it under the couch.

2011-06-01 001-2

Zack: Would you not be so mad at us if you didn’t find it?

2011-06-01 002

Sometimes the ideas combined from two little heads are NOT better than one!


Tami said...

I love that Zack wondered if you would be not as mad if you didn't find the hair. Too funny!!

Monica said...

Oh no! I have a feeling this story will be retold many times over the years. My older sister had a similar tragedy occur when she was about the twins' age involving her bangs. Abby's sad face is killin' me!

The Arbuckle's said...

I love how you took the time to take pictures of it. I grew up with twin sisters and they ALWAYS got into trouble, its like feed off of the others idea.

Love it!