Monday, January 9, 2012

This dinner gives me the creeps…

I recently had a friend mention to me that I have neglected to post the pictures from our creepy Halloween dinner. Soooo… just in case you need some ideas for an awesome Valentines day, here you go!

This year we branched out and invited a few friends over. It made the night a lot more fun and we will definitely do it again next year!

Lila and Abby cut out and penned the labels. I love them (labels and girls).


2011-10-30 Halloween dinner 001

Worms (this is still my Halloween favorite! Click here for the recipe)

2011-10-30 Halloween dinner 003

Skeleton’s Teeth (white corn)

2011-10-30 Halloween dinner 004

Mummy Mush (mashed potatoes) and Monster Hands.

2011-10-30 Halloween dinner 007

Yes. Monster hands. They were incredible… really, really incredible! Like… so incredibly real that I almost couldn’t eat it. Almost! (Click here for the recipe)

2011-10-30 Halloween dinner 009

Slug Salad (the “slugs” were mushrooms. You’ll have to message me for this recipe. It’s my mom’s famous, DELICIOUS, spinach salad!)

2011-10-30 Halloween dinner 010

Dracula’s Ribs (recipe here)

2011-10-30 Halloween dinner 011

Devil’s Eyes

2011-10-30 Halloween dinner 012

Dragon Hearts

2011-10-30 Halloween dinner 013

Band Aids (seriously, these were soooo creepy! The idea came from here)

2011-10-30 Halloween dinner 014

Ghost Poop (this is was a FAVORITE of the little ones at our little dinner party)

2011-10-30 Halloween dinner 018

Troll Eyes (go here to see what they should really look like)

2011-10-30 Halloween dinner 019

Ghost Brains

2011-10-30 Halloween dinner 026

with Spider Blood and Vampire Blood, as toppings for our Ghost Brains

2011-10-30 Halloween dinner 016

Not pictured was our “Spider Cider” and our Frozen hand (can’t remember the clever name for that one and I borrowed the picture from here)



For last years party pictures go here


Eliza said...

Yowzer! This is amazing!! It gets better with each passing year! Way to go team Russ!

Wanted to say I just loved the post u did on brothers! It was so sweet. I want Ellis to have a brother, & that post just made me want it even more!!

Mindy said...

So cute! I'm so going to copy you this Halloween. You are one clever lady!!

the Bunker Family said...

I'm totally ready to host a bloody Valentines dinner now! I don't want to wait for October, your ideas are too good. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing all the fun things that you are up to. Keep 'em coming so I can keep stealing 'em! :o)

The Arbuckle's said...

It was the creepiest dinner I have ever eaten. Everything was so delicious that I'm going to steal everything and make this a new tradition. Thanks for the invite.