Sunday, March 25, 2012

Air boatin’

We recently went to Florida for February break and Uncle Bo was kind enough to take the kids out on his airboat to see some gators. Gotta make sure we keep these kids of ours “uncitified”!

2012-02-20 airboat 005

2012-02-20 airboat 001

They saw all kinds of wildlife… deer, wild hogs, cranes and more.2012-02-20 airboat 013

Zack was out looking for gators…2012-02-20 airboat 029

…they found a few little ones.2012-02-20 airboat 038

2012-02-20 airboat 041

…and a few big ones!2012-02-20 airboat 036

Right before this last picture was taken Zack was holding a gator that started squirming so he dropped it. Johnny was holding a 3rd gator for Abby but once she saw that Zack’s was wiggling and trying to escape she didn’t want anything to do with holding one of her own. Johnny finally talked her into holding their tails. Maybe next year?2012-02-20 airboat 043

*no animals (or children) were harmed in the making of this post!


Lindsey said...

My kids are completely enthralled by these pictures! Maybe we need to come and be uncitified with you!

Mindy said...

LOVE IT! Next time we are in Florida at the same time we've got to come gator huntin' with you guys!

Amy said...

I must be citified, because I think I'd side with Abby.

Annalee said...

We will have to get abby a photo next time she is down. Wish you just lived here.