Tuesday, August 28, 2012

in comparison

Our family has done lots of travelling this summer. Johnny travels every week for his job and the kids and I just travel for fun. Looking at things comparatively though, I'm not sure who's job looks more "fun" to me!

Johnny's "baggage" ready to go:

My "baggage" ready to go:

Johnny's seatmates:

My seatmates:

Johnny's legroom:

My legroom:

What Johnny finds in his seat:
(noise cancelling headphones. Once he got a full set of pajamas and slippers. 
I would have liked to see a picture of all the first class passengers in their matching jammies!)

What I find in my seat:
(translation: "Dear Mommy, I hope you have a great fight. 
Thanks for taking us on vacation. Love, Lila")

Where Johnny sleeps when he travels:

Where we sleep when we travel:

The bathroom accomodations for Johnny:
(yes, that was really his bathroom!!)

The bathroom accomodations for us:

Where things could get sweaty for Johnny:
(uhm. yes. That is a sauna. In his ROOM. Too bad he was too busy to ever take advantage of it!)

Where things could get sweaty for me:
(Each kid had to navigate their own *cute* suitcase on the escalator. Several times. 
I caught a stranger taking a picture of us once because we were such a sight! 
I thought about giving her a dirty look but just smiled sweetly at her instead.)

Overall, I think I just might have the better end of the deal! maybe.
Hurry home (again) daddy. We miss you!

*these are actually pictures of when Johnny gets upgraded to fancy stuff, 
it's not quite how he usually travels, but still...


katieo said...

haha! LOVE the comparison.

(that last pic is presh.)

Lisa said...

"I thought about giving her a dirty look" you funny.