Monday, January 13, 2014

Creepy Cuisine 2013

We hosted our very spooky Halloween dinner again this year. This time in our new house with some new friends.

 It's always a ton of work but so worth it to see everyone's reactions to the food! We had our traditional worms and charred hands (along with a few other old favorites) 

and we added a few new favorites to the list.
My personal favorite this year was the plasma presentation. So creepy. (and yes, they are real shots with real needles!!)

The fresh shots of blood were also a HUGE hit with the kids AND adults (they're jello shots). 

And the Bat Wings were almost too creepy to eat. I got this idea from one of my friends that we invited to our dinner a few years ago. Now she does it every year with her family. Love that the tradition is being passed on!!
Happy Halloween 2013!!!
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