Friday, September 7, 2007

Playing Chase

We went over to the Chase's house today to play in the sprinklers and on their new "slide set". The babies had a great time crawling around and tasting the grass. Mindy & Brian have an awesome back yard that makes my Boston heart jealous! And... to give credit where credit is due, Marci Romney took some of the following pictures (the one of me & Zack and the one of Abby). She also took the picture of Zack that I posted here when the babies turned 9 months old. (Thanks Marse!)
our sweet flower girl!

Tickle Time

Zack's looking up at Lila in this picture...

"mmm grass... want some?"


Boston Paynes said...

Thanks for sharing your blog. Your babies are adorable and I can't believe how big Lila is. She is just beautiful.

Cassi said...

These again are awesome pictures. Aaah I look at these and just miss you and think we should be there at Mindy's swinging "high to the moon". The babies are getting cuter and cuter. I decided I better stop calling them the babies, they probably are going to hate that in a few years.