Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guzzle Down Sweets

Lila has been thoroughly enjoying her Halloween candy haul. The other day when she came to get me to open her 5th piece of candy in as many minutes, I thought maybe we should start weening her. Lila is usually pretty reasonable if you can explain things to her. So I told her that eating a little candy was OK but if you ate a lot of candy it was bad for you. Of course the immediately reply was the notorious, "Why?" I decided that this situation called for a little Google image search. You can imagine the awful images that came up when I searched for "tooth cavity". Then Lila asked, "What else will happen if you eat too much candy?" So I told her about type II diabetes and searched for images of "insulin shots". I thought that should settle it. But Lila kept asking and asking for "What else will happen, Daddy, what else?" That was when the inspiration came. After searching YouTube for a minute I found this video. I told Lila that this girl ate too much candy even though they told her not to.

After she was done watching it like 7 times, I asked, "Lila, do you want to eat a lot of candy or just a little candy?" She replied, "Only a little bit, I don't want get big and blue."

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Carson is the one pigging out on Halloween candy..too bad he would not understand this video. I will definately use this in the future. Genius, Johnny, genious!!!!

p.s. those exclamation points are especially for you!!!!