Monday, December 3, 2007

Russ Family Factory

The Play-Doh "Russ Family Factory" pictures are here!! Since all of the regular Play-Doh workers were on vacation this week we had to recruit 12 little workers to help us make some dough for Lila's birthday.

The front door welcomed our friends with a "Welcome New Workers sign." As we waited for everyone to arrive we had a new worker orientation and let the kids color pictures that said "I love working at the Play-Doh Russ Family Factory". I let each "worker" pick their colored hat & wrote their name on it.

Then I asked, "Who wants to help make some play-doh??" The answer was obvious!!

When almost everyone was here we started the "Production Line". Each worker got to pick their "flavor" and color. (Kool-aid packets). Then they got to dump and mix, stir & smoosh their own batch of dough.

After that they had to do a little "Research & Development".

Here is a picture of Lila and Annabelle hard at work...

Then we moved on to some serious job tasks. "Product Testing" required them to see how well their Play-Doh rolled (bowling).

Here's Carter going for the strike...

Then they moved on to "Packaging" where they tried to get the dough into containers.

(We didn't get a good action shot of this, but these were the "packages" they were aiming for.)

After all that work, we thought they deserved a little "dough-nut" break. (I think the Zoo Pals disposable sippy cups might have been the biggest hit of the party!!)

Johnny and I dressed in uniforms of red & yellow & I made a cute sign to hang.

Here's almost all the kids (or at least a part of them...)
As they left each worker was given the dough they had made and a "rolling pin" in a bag with this label on it. Attached to the bag were a few cookie cutters.

(Though, if you attended the party the recipe that I originally printed
had too much water, so use this recipe instead!! oops!)

And even though it didn't actually make it to the party (I ran out of time) here is the birthday cake. (The frosting was supposed to be a bright Play-Doh color but I grabbed the wrong thing of food coloring and didn't feel like fixing it... oh well!!)

Lila thought the rolling pin tasted yummy! (cookie dough!)

It ended up being a great party. Thanks to all 12 of Lila's friends who came to help celebrate with us!! (and to my friends who stayed to help!!)

Also, I have to admit (Rindi's comments are right) that a lot of the ideas for this party were Johnny's!! What a great dad!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Lila Bean!!


Rindi said...

AWESOME! Em, you guys are so, so, so creative. I loved seeing the pictures. Lila is one lucky little girl. You are such a great Mom, (oh, and Johnny, since I know you helped your fair share, you are a pretty good dad, too!). :)

Mindy said...

Kay LOVED Lila's birthday party! You did a great job, and I love that you and Johnny wore uniforms. You thought of everything! I can't wait for Lila's next birthday party. ;) I'll have to hire you and Johnny as party planners for Kay's next birthday party.

Nick said...

Man, I should have you guys come help in my classroom... do you think you could handle 45 kids though? Guys, I must admit that I am very impressed! What a fun party you planned! Looks like tons of fun. -Tamika

Shay said...

You are AMAZING! What a fun and unique birthday party. I love the cookie dough rolling

Bee said...

helloo emily..looks like everyone enjoyed the bday party..lila looks so cute..she is a big girl now!!!

Cassi said...

This is so cute. I must say I don't know how you make time for all this guys are great. Wish we could have been there. Happy B-Day Lila bean!

Eardley Family said...

Emily and Johnny,
So, so, so, cute. I was very impressed. Where do you find the time??? You are an awsome couple of parents!!


Dan and Fam said...

Em and John,
Are guys nuts? And I mean that in the best way. Play doh time in our house means a bomb went off, lol. Happy Bday lil Lila.

emilyaaa said...

i love it!! your kids are so lucky to have you two as their parents!!! and lila is absolutely gorgeous!! how did she get to be 3?1?!?!

Marianne said...

ok that is THE cutest party idea ever. You two are so creative together. My favorite ideas are when clint helps me come up with them. i love LOVE the party. so cute. :) thank you for all of your comments, i really appreciated them. it's nice to be home and get back to normal life. :)

Heidi said...

You totally amaze me! This was the cutest idea! Juliette could not stop talking about Lila's party!!

Em Russ said...

wow. Who knew there were so many typo's in the play-doh recipe. Nice!!