Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Fish Called 'I Don't Know'

We had a special fish bowl (thanks Ben and Cassi), so we decided we would make our first venture into the pet world by letting Lila get a fish.

On the ride home from the pet store.

Johnny: Do you like your fish, Lila?
Lila: I got a boy fish. That would be silly for a little girl to get a girl fish. I love my boy fish!

Later that day.

Emily: Lila, how about naming your fish, Fin? That is a good fish name.
Lila: No, I already picked a name.
Emily: Oh, you did? What name did you pick?
Lila: I don't know.
Emily: I thought you said you picked a name.
Lila: I did!
Emily: What is it?
Lila: I don't know!
Emily: Ohhh, you mean you want to call him 'I don't know'?
Lila: Yes, his name is 'I don't know'.

A few days later.

Johnny: Why isn't that true?
Lila: I don't know?
Johnny: Its not true because of your fish?
Lila: No! My fish knows everything!
Johnny: That's funny that you have a fish named 'I don't know' that knows everything.

Fortunately, with such a knowledgeable fish in the house, all of our kids have been practicing their fish talk.


Brady said...

Your kids are so cute! I love the part where Johnny says "That's funny you have a fish named 'I don't know' that knows everything." Lila's hair is so long! Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks! (BTW, this is Shawnee.)

Libby said...

Aaagh! Those are the cutest fish faces! I love the twins trying to suck their cheeks in (and not quite getting it).

Dixon's said...

LOL, Lila says the funniest things. They are all so cute. Love the pictures.

Tiffany said...

UUMMM I think you guys are copying us, we have a blue beta that has also been deemed a boy fish, except he has a real name "Tyrone".
Lila really is so clever and funny and her hair is so long. Are you guys going to Utah?

Tami said...

What a funny post! I can't believe you have a fish with the name "I don't know". How funny! I LOVE the fish faces at the bottom. I especially like how Abby has done the fish face! Thanks for sharing your new pet with us! I hope I don't know likes living at the Russ home!

Shay said...

That is hilarious! I can't get over the fish's name. How original!

Tausha said...

ok- i am going to say something besides that your kids are darling. You already know that, every mom knows that thier kids are the cutest around. i am impressed with the faces. My favorite kind of face is the "sleeping face" that is my favorite kind of day also. Does that make me a bad mom? I just really like to sit and not have anyone call me mom, just taush. Anyway-all the way in boston huh? Kal said your husband is a "whiz kid" if he goes to MIT. What is he going to do? So are you excited for spring just cause it's spring, or cause you graduate. I just need some clarification cause i haven't quite caught up on your life yet. So-how old are your kids? Maybe i should know this from skimming your blog last night, but it was 12 am and my eyes were burning!

Amateur Steph said...

What marvelous fish faces! Lila should have her own comedy show. I can only imagine that you Em are the one who taught her to be so funny. :)

Jan Haws said...

I'm glad "I don't know" is still alive. Good job Lila! The three little fish faces are cute too. Isn't it fun having little kids.

Monica said...

I love Lila's long hair. It's so pretty in that photo of her feeding I Don't Know.

Amy said...

you've already surpassed my record for keeping a fish alive.

Cassi said...

would you stop posting such cute stuff. It is like reading a book or turning on the tv. So entertaining. And it makes the rest of us (ok just me) and our posts seem like a 3rd grader wrote them. Lila says the best stuff. I would just like to borrow her for a few days. Do you want to send her to visit me and Josh? Please...

Tami said...

I wanted to comment that I also love that you just let your kids name their fish "I don't know"... it's random and hilarious!

Jacee McGuire said...

That is a great name for a fish! I have been thinking about getting Kens a fish. I love the kids fish faces, so cute.

Tanya said...

how fun! i have thought about getting a fish. i think it's the only pet i would say yes to.

Rindi said...

So, so cute! I can't believe the little ones can even do a fish face!

Emily Widdison said...

hilarious...thanks for the good laugh Lila!

Natalie said...

Three kids in two years (2 year old and twins) means I NEED these jeans (just like everyone else, it seems!!) PLEASEEEEE pick me!! :)