Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the fifth day of Christmas…

The Russes gave to me…

Some crazy slide giggling!

Zack has been crying when we pass playgrounds because he wants to go on the slides. Today when we came home he begged to go in the backyard to play on the slide. I let him, but unfortunately for this little fellow, his mama is a total wimp. I’ve decided that I HATE the cold. Hate the cold enough that I’ll drag the slide (which I pulled out of the trash a couple years ago) into my bathtub and scrub it with comet.2008-12-16 Slide 003

Then put it in my basement (where, trust me, there is NO room for a slide). All to hear giggles and screams like this…

and phrases like… “Hooray we saved the day!!” (Abby, as she is standing at top of the slide in victory) 2008-12-16 Slide 012

or “I’ll catch you Abbs!” (Zack)

and “Simon says GO!!” (A & Z)

and "this is SUPER DUPER FUN!" (Lila)

or my personal favorite, “I falled down and broke my crown!” (Abby)2008-12-16 Slide 005

and an unforeseen advantage, the slide doubles as a fort. Can it get much better than that??

I’m positive that someone will get hurt. Until then, I’m really enjoying the giggles!!

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

(p.s. this isn’t an old post. this really happened today…)


Amateur Steph said...

You are such a fun mom. I hate the cold too.

Bryan and Amanda Russ said...

You go girl! Anything that brings moments of peace and distraction is a go in my house. I'm so proud of the dumpster diving and indoor playground. I hate the cold too, that's why we live in Florida! Sorry MIT can't be down here for more reasons than one.

Jan Haws said...

I was just missing the giggles and sqeels, so I decided to watch this little post again. Thanks
Grandma Jannie