Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On The Fourth Day Of Christmas…

The Russes gave to me…

Back stage passes to the movie premiere.

My brother Brandon just finished up film school this year (Congrats Brandon). Instead of a resume, film students usually make a “demo reel” consisting of a bunch of short clips demonstrating various skills for a given job. To get some of the shots he needed, Brandon made a sequel to a movie he made when he was younger, “The Last Oreo”. In that movie he and his roommate get into an epic battle over the last Oreo in their apartment. When the sequel, “The Last Oreo: Requiem”, was finished, everybody wanted to see it, so we set up a movie premiere. The kids were stoked to be allowed “back stage”.

4th day-1

Zack was pretty happy when he scored an autograph from one of the stars, his Uncle Brandon.

4th day-2

Brandon did all of the editing and special effects, but he also created all of the music and sound work as well. Without further adieu here is “The Last Oreo: Requiem” for your viewing pleasure. Make sure to click the full screen option (the four arrows pointing out) to get the full effect.


Brandon said...

Ha! I forgot about that autograph. Nice.

Tami said...

We just watched the movie. It was actually entertaining and pretty funny! Nice work Brandon! I especially liked in the credits "On site child wrangler..Melanie Bills" That's definitely a hard job. Anyway Johnny, that's fun that Zack got Brandon's autograph. After all, he's a movie star. Haha. Fun post.