Saturday, December 19, 2009

On The Seventh Day Of Christmas…

The Russes gave to me…

A mean set of Halloween jack-o-lanterns.

This was the first year where the kids actually did a lot of the work themselves. Here are the girls in there pumpkin carving outfits.

7th day-1 

Abby with her game face on.

7th day-2 7th day-3 7th day-4 7th day-5

We would like to pass along the best Halloween tip of the year. Try carving a candle-friendly hatch on the back of your pumpkin. It makes putting the candles in and lighting them much easier, and the big thing for us was that it made them way easier to clean out.

7th day-9

I followed tradition and used an official template. This year I chose to go with the venerable Senor Cardgage, who made his debut in sbemail #92 “Kind of Cool”.

7th day-8

Here is the whole family from left to right: Abby, Emily, Zack, Johnny, Lila. Notice Lila got creative/overzealous and added on some ears, and a few random holes in the back for good measure.

7th day-107th day-7


Em Russ said...

Abby's "scary" face is soooo scary!!

Tami said...

I love your pictures and your pumpkins! Cute!