Monday, September 13, 2010

K is for Kindergarten

Yep. It's official. Lila is in Kindergarten and to say that she loves it is an understatement. We dropped her off on the first day and she went right in and never looked back.

Abby, however, was really sad to see her go.

I mean, really, really sad!!

Lila is doing great. She only "got" to go to school on Tuesday and Wednesday last week because of Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah. She was mad. She'd even like to go to school on the weekend if they'd let her.

Apparently her teacher is super fun (and skinnier than me... thanks, Lila) and she's even made a few friends. They have gym (where she recently learned the art of Freeze Tag) and art class where she got to meet a real artist (and she told this "real" artist "I'm going to be an artist too when I grow up!!").

(Notice the girl in the drawing has glasses on. Awesome!!!)

The teacher's aid has informed Lila that since she can tie her shoes, she may have to help tie all the other kids shoes when they need it. You can imagine that Lila is THRILLED by this prospect!!

The second day of school she brought brochures home for a FUNdraiser (Yipee!!) because her school needs money so they can "do stuff". When I asked her what kind of stuff she said "like gym... and music class... She's been trying to sell me stuff ever since because she sure loves those classes.

And it is "all day" kindergarten. A few months ago we were talking about this and she told me she doesn't want to go to all day kindergarten because then she will never see us. She'll just "come home when it's dark." Whoops!! I quickly clarified what "all day" meant in kindergarten terms.

Other than that (oh... and a little snafoo on the first day of school where she had to sit in the nurses office FOR AN HOUR because her medical form wasn't filled out correctly...) she's having a blast. Actually, she said she was glad that her form wasn't filled out right because she liked drawing in the nurses office. She's such a little optimist!! We're so proud!!

Way to go big Kindergartener Lila.

And, just in case you were wondering. We miss her. Things aren't quite the same around here without her.


Em Russ said...

uhm... I guess I jinxed myself by doing this post saying how awesome she is doing a few days ago and setting it to publish today.

She wore her crocs to school today instead of her "sneakers" and had to sit on the stage for the entire hour of gym. She told me she cried the whole time. I forgot to look at teh calendar to see if she needed to wear those darn "sneakers". I'm a good mom like that.

Tami said...

I want a Lila in my class. I mean that. I bet she is a great little student. I think next year I am going to come teach in Connecticuit. Love you guys.

Jan Haws said...

Such a big girl. Shem makes me laugh. Sweet that Abby cried to have her be gone. I miss them all. Lots of hugs!

Jan Haws said...

Way to go Lila!!

Shay said...

WOW! She is so cute. Can she come and tie Trejan's shoes for him every morning?!!? When will he ever learn?!
That break my heart seeing how sad Abby was that goes to school. You have such great kids!