Friday, September 10, 2010

Mr. Potato Head's Bum...

I was working on the dishes this morning and I was feeling tired. Just plain tired. I heard Zack calling from the other room so I went in to help him put Mr. Potato Head's "bum" back on (for the ten thousandth time) and I couldn't help wishing that they all didn't need me so much. I walked back into the kitchen and this song (that I LOVE) was playing on my Slacker (which I also totally LOVE!!) and I had one of those moments where the stars all align and I realize that I need to do things differently.

It sort of hit me that very soon that little man of mine isn't going to need me to put Mr. Potato Head's bum back on for him. They aren't going to need me to tie their shoes (Lila already mastered that, actually). They won't come into my room at night and tell me about their nightmares and they won't wake up first thing in the morning and run in to tell me about their dreams. They won't need me for all the little things that are so tiring and so tedious and occasionally oh, so sweet.

As I was washing those dishes I realized that because I've been so busy, I've allowed myself to think that I'm too busy to do all the little things they want me to do with them. Too busy for Battleship and Pretty, Pretty, Princess and making cookies at dinnertime. Too busy to stop and really comfort and listen to whoever has been hurt, wounded, offended, or wronged. Too busy and way too tired to just play.

After that little reminder and with this great post floating around in my head, I tried to enjoy the moments more. We made those cookies Lila has been begging for and instead of just tossing the beater into the sink I let them lick it. They passed it from one tongue to the next, to the next, and back again. Instead of being totally grossed out (though I was a little of that) I thought, "well now, look at the childhood memories of sharing that we're making!!"

And it's been better. It's been sweeter and happier and I've enjoyed them more.

I think Mr. Atkins is right. I AM going to miss this. (at least once in a while!!)


Jan Haws said...

Such a sweet post! It made me cry as I read it to Wayne. It wasn't that long ago that I had 7 little ones needing needing me. Now I need them. Yes I agree, you will miss it!

Tami said...

Gosh! I totally loved your post. I wasn't crying until I read Mom's comment. WOW. Even though I'm not a mom yet, I know i need to do the same thing with just Nick and I. Someday soon we will have another member of our family and won't get alone time like we get now.
You are a great mother, Em. I look up to you. I know your children LOVE you so much. Spending that week at the beach with you really solidified it for me. They love you so much and you love them so much. I remember watching you hugging, kissing, and squeezing all of them and loving them so much and I thought about how I want that for my own children when I have them. You're a lucky girl to be able to have those 4 kids to love and that love you back. Hang in there, and you're right, someday you're going to miss it. Live it up!
Sure love ya!

Tami said...

P.S. Thanks for sharing that song. It's quite the tear-jearker. Not sure why.

katieo said...

This was so great Em.
I was thinking a lot of that post by ashley ann too. such a great reminder.

Jamie Martin said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one who gets caught up in all little things and forgets what is most important. I wish I had a constant reminder to cherish them while they are little, because they grow too quickly!

Cassi said...

love love you...again can I just say we need to be neighbors. You are great at doing all the truly important things, something I have always admired about how you mother.