Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This is gonna suck!!

Abby and Zack have always been finger suckers. Abby originally sucked her ring finger. One day I watched her notice that Zack sucked his pointer finger. She looked at her chubby little fingers and switched to her pointer finger too.

(April 2008, they were 16 months old)
2008-04-05 036

2008-04-19 Utah HS Friends 007

There were times when it was really gross, but there were also times when it was incredibly convenient. Johnny and I had been talking about how to get them to stop sucking their fingers for years. He had done a lot of research and learned that it isn’t really damaging until they are about 4. It is also best if you can get them to want to stop sucking their finger.

After we moved to Connecticut and got settled, we decided that it was time. We ordered two tGuard fingerguards. In order to get them on board we promised them a bike once they really stopped. They were excited and supportive. I secretly wondered if they realized what they were getting into!

When they arrived in the mail Abby and Zack were excited… I was nervous.

This is their “LAST SUCK!”
2010-09-07 001

The device is simple and held in place by a wrist band. They got to pick a different color each day. The first day Zack picked pink. (I blame Johnny…)


They had to wear it all the time. Day and night.

2010-09-07 006
2010-09-07 007

It didn’t seem to slow them down at all initially.


After a few hours I think Abby was having second thoughts when she asked “how much does a bike cost??”

That night the novelty really wore off. They were like newborns trying to learn how to sleep again and they woke up every few hours crying and begging me to take them off.

That was the worst of it, mostly because I felt so bad for them. The second night was tons better and after about a week I started taking them off during the day. One night about a week and a half after we had started, I put them to bed and realized later that I had forgotten to put the finger guards on. I went in to check on them and they had fallen asleep without sucking their fingers.

I am still amazed that it worked so fast and was so relatively easy! I would have never guessed that by two weeks they would have completely stopped. We gave it one more week (just for good measure) and then they earned those bikes!

2010-10-02 bikes 023

And that… doesn’t suck at all!


Tami said...

I love that Abby asked "How much does a bike cost?" Obviously she was weighing her options. Smart girl! What funny kids you have. Those sucking devices were interesting.

Shay said...

LOVE the pics of Abby casually looking at a magazine...all grown up and stuff! My goodness. Tallen is starting out to be a finger sucker, so I might be calling you in 3 years for help. I never knew they made a contraption like that...interesting...but whatever works!
Your kids are so adorable!

Brittany said...

That's so funny! I've never even heard of those before. I'm so glad they worked. I can remember being so relieved each time we got rid of the pacifier for A&A and being so nervous for them at the same time. I'm not sure what my comforting equivalent would be but I'd sure hate to have it taken away from me! Good for them and good for you guys for sticking it out. Bikes are such a powerful "carrot" to dangle aren't they? I'm sure the dentist in Jared would commend them for this big step too, whatever they cost you to buy, they're definitely cheaper than braces! :o)

Lindsey said...

that is fabulous! so glad to know it works. my little Emily is almost 4 and she does her pointer finger. i'll let you know if we succeed!!!

Eardley Family said...


I had just took a stroll through your blog. You are a darling mom. I want to be like you when I grow up!!! Treasure it now, it seems big kids make you busy!!! I loved all of you cute entries. I hope all is well in the East!


Chandler Family said...

I love that Em! I am totally going to do that if any of my kids suck their thumbs/fingers. Lisa and Nate both sucked their thumbs until they were 5 or 6 so I might have this problem someday. You are a smart Mom!

The Stucki's said...

What a crazy few months for you guys! It sounds like things may be on the upswing?! Those kiddos sure a cute (finger sucking or not! :)

Lisa said...

We used the finger guard for Talmage to stop sucking his thumb. He called his a rocket ship. Worked like a charm! He was only 2 1/2 but the dentist said his teeth were bad enough I had to do it sooner than later and not to wait until he was 4 like I had found in my research, too.