Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paper Plate Bunny Baskets

another one for Nat's blog Corduroy Dreams...

Three years ago Lila and I made this little bunny basket out of a paper plate. I’m not sure where I got the idea but since it was easy and only required stuff I already had, it seemed like a good addition to our Easter countdown.

Lila, 3 years old

2008-03-20 020

Notice Zack’s is different than the original concept. It was totally his idea, but it turned out cute (in fact, I think it’s cuter than the original which I think kind of looks like a mouse!)

2011-04-13 Easter Bunny Baskets 070

Here’s some tips if you’d like to try it.

You will need: white paper, pink paper, a paper plate, ribbon, two pom poms, two googly eyes, some pipe cleaners, staples, and glue.

First take a white piece of cardstock (or paper). Fold it in half and cut out an ear shape. Then trace that shape onto pink paper.

Cut in a little bit to make a smaller shape in pink.

2011-04-13 Easter Bunny Baskets 0022011-04-13 Easter Bunny Baskets 016

Glue the two together.

2011-04-13 Easter Bunny Baskets 022

Next, fold a paper plate in half.

Cut a scrap of ribbon or paper to use as handles. Our ribbons were about 14 inches long.

2011-04-13 Easter Bunny Baskets 035

Staple the ribbon onto one side of the paper plate.

2011-04-13 Easter Bunny Baskets 042

Then put the ears wrong sides together and staple them into the paper plate. (Unless you’re Zack. Then you put one ear on each side of the plate and the eyes, nose, and whiskers in the middle…)

2011-04-13 Easter Bunny Baskets 065

One trick to get the whiskers to stay in place. Twist them in the middle…

2011-04-13 Easter Bunny Baskets 030

and cut a tiny slit into the front of the paper plate. Then insert the pipe cleaners and staple above them.

2011-04-13 Easter Bunny Baskets 059

Then glue on the eyes and pom poms. One pom pom for the nose, one for the tail. (Zack’s has the tail on the back.) I used hot glue to make sure they would stay. Lila even folded down the ear of her bunny to make it look more realistic. We left a little opening in the top of the plate between the ribbons because the kids think they are going to stuff candy in them.

2011-04-13 Easter Bunny Baskets 070

Happy Easter!

(maybe tomorrow we will have to make bunny MASKS…)

2011-04-13 Easter Bunny Baskets 033

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