Thursday, April 14, 2011

You’ve Been Egged…

This is another post I did for Corduroy Dreams.

One of our big activities for the Easter Countdown was to “Egg” our friends. I got the idea from eighteen25 (again). I actually had this be two countdown days worth of activities. The first day we bought treats, tiny toys, and eggs and got everything ready. I imagined having to fill up most of the eggs by myself, but the kids were totally able to do it.

I had some non candy things (bubbles, tattoos, toy rings, bouncy balls, etc.) that I separated into Ziploc bags once they were inside the eggs. We were “egging” multiple families and I wanted to make sure that everyone got a little something.

2011-04-07 Egged 004

The second day (when daddy was home to assist in our getaway) we did the actual egging.

It was like a reverse Easter egg hunt. I put the eggs in their buckets and then they “hid” them around the yard.

2011-04-09 Egged 0042011-04-09 Egged 0102011-04-09 Egged 012

We left the cutest sign (found here on eighteen25) on their door to let them know that they had been “egged” and then we hopped in our getaway car and drove off.

I explained to the kids how some people “egg” houses with real eggs and it is mean. Zack could not stop talking about how people throw ROTTEN (he added that part) eggs at people’s houses. The kids thought that when our friends saw our sign they would think we had thrown eggs all over their house and they would be soooo mad… of course, this idea was hilarious to them!

The goal was to be super sneaky but we were discovered on 4 of our 5 deliveries!! The kids had a BLAST and couldn’t stop talking about how “eggcited” their friends would be when they found the eggs.

2011-04-09 Egged 016

This is definitely becoming an Easter tradition around here!! Now go find someone YOU can egg!!


Emily Widdison said...

what a great idea! we will have to copy you!

Shay said...

THAT is too cute and what a great idea!!! I might have to do that too, my kids would LOVE that! You are such a fun mom!

Karola said...

Great children. I love it!!!