Saturday, May 28, 2011

You’re a mom like me if…

Back when I was only an aspiring blogger I worked up a post on paper. I was sure that it was going to be my very first post and it was going to be BRILLIANT! I would think of things as I was doing dishes and add them to a list magneted to my fridge. I was cleaning through and old stack of papers today and found that old rough draft blog post and I decided to finally post it. I’ve included some of my favorite random pictures from those crazy days.

When I made this little list FOUR YEARS ago Lila was about 2 ½ and Abby and Zack were about 6 months old… life at my house was chaos. Literally.

“You’re a mom like me if…”

- Every time you pick up the house your child asks you who’s coming over!

2007-08-29 05'34'10

- You use a sippy cup (the last clean one) to get a drink because there are no more clean dishes. Or you forget the cup all together and just drink out of the sink.

- You throw things away (bibs, casserole dishes, Tupperware) rather than deal with washing them (generally after an extended stay on the dirty counter)

2007-09-21 00'14'40

- Each load of your laundry gets washed four times because you never remember to switch it to the dryer.

- Your kids aren’t hungry because “lunch” off of the floor around the high chairs fills them up.

2007-08-14 16'01'00 2

- A bath is considered cleaning the tub.

2007-08-11 19'07'00

- You measure whether a shirt is ok to wear by asking yourself if someone could believe this food, snot, spit up, etc. (or all of the above) got on you after you left the house.

- Your kids look at you weird when you do your hair or makeup.

2007-03-27 13'41'00

- Your kid says “mommy, what’s that” when she sees your hair dryer!!

- Laundry NEVER makes it to the drawers.

2007-08-16 05'05'00

- You rewash laundry because it is so wrinkled from sitting in the basket that you might as well just start over!

- You get to the grocery store parking lot and turn around and go home because the thought of going in with 3 little kids makes you want to cry. You do this more than once.

2007-09-10 001

- The next person to tell you you’ve got your hands full might get an ear full.

2007-06-14 16'41'00

- Your kid spits something out and you would rather eat it than go find a garbage.

2007-06-16 13'23'00

- You are so tired that you only realize after eating half of your PBJ that the bread is moldy and you seriously consider whether or not to keep eating…

- Blogging is your reward.

2007-06-15 10'21'00

- You just leave holiday decorations (like Easter) up all year because by the time you go to take them down it is almost time to put them up again.

2007-03-11 17'16'00

- Milk on sale gets you really excited.

2007-06-23 18'36'00

- Half of your wardrobe came from Costco (and the other half came from Walmart/Target).

2007-03-26 11'10'00 2

- Every time you get your kids dressed out of their jammies they ask “mommy, where are we going”. Your babies look at you funny and try to grab your hair when it is not in a ponytail.

2007-10-07 12'26'00

- On the day you actually do get ready your daughter insists “no Mommy, it HAS to be in a pony!” as if that is your standard uniform!

2007-10-05 002

- Your hair dryer breaks and you don’t miss it.

2007-03-09 15'39'00

- You get your hair cut and no one notices for months because it is always pulled back.

- Your standard answer of “I’m fine…” is only true 1% of the time… you’re right on the edge of sanity.

2007-02-02 14'28'00

- The toilet/bathroom will be called “the potty” forever.

- You can’t afford to get sick.

2007-05-17 12'16'00

- You love your kids like crazy.

2007-09-07 10'52'00

- While doing dishes you think, “when did we have spaghetti?” Answer… A LONG TIME AGO!!!

- One of your very best friends is 3 feet tall and you never knew you could laugh so hard at such a little person.

2007-05-09 12'34'00

- The smile of a baby makes all the stress ok.

- Your favorite sound in the whole word is your child’s laugh.


Annalee said...

I love you and your kids. I can not wait till August. All of your pictures are so cute. I love you.

Tami said...

This post makes me so excited to be a mom!! (except for the parts where there is chaos and insanity) You are an excellent mom. Can you believe you are soon going to gave a first grader? Can't wait to see those kiddos of yours. Also, just as a side note, nobody notices I get haircuts because it's always in a bun. On second thought, they notice it is different because I actually do it for a couple days after I cut it.
Cute and fun post.

Haley Kraaima said...

Wow Em! Your kids are super lucky to have you for their mom! You can see so well how much you love them!

katieo said...

You were right - it WAS brilliant!!

laughed out loud.

and yes. I am very much a mom like you. :)

Jason said...

Oh Em,

I read this blog and lol because I am exactly in this spot right now in my life. Seriously, I said 'EXACTLY' to everything on this post. Girl, you are super mom. you are an amazing mom you are such a great example to me.

Love ya,

I think I might have to steal this post and re-post it on my blog :)

Jason said...

oh by the way this is Lindsey Arbuckle.

Millicent said...

I miss you.

Anonymous said...

love it, especially the stuff about laundry!! We miss you guys! Will there be a Belmont trip this summer?

Lindsey said...

Ummmm - I think we are very similar moms!!!

Unknown said...

So cute Emily! Thanks for sharing!!

Heather said...

This post made me tired! (oh, and completely amazed that you lived through all those teeny little kids all at once!)

You are a great mom--can roll with them punches with the best of them. Glad you're around for us to wear ponies together!

Josh and Melanie said...

Loved the post Emily! I can relate with every bit of it. The other day I was watering some plants in the yard and looked over at Paul and realized he needed a bath. I hosed him down and he loved it. I got excited as I thought about how much time it could save me to water the yard and give Paul a bath at the same time...Poor 3rd child.

Amateur Steph said...

This is so funny. I'm forwarding it to Summer (Dave's wife). She's due with twin boys in August. It'll be an adventure!

Chandler Family said...

Seriously can totally relate to this in my life right now! Thank you for being willing to admit how all mom's feel most days. And, I hope I can be a Mom like you because I know you are a great one. I love you and all those precious pictures.

Rindi said...

awesome post! You look so tired in some of the pictures and I've seen you so tired before! You are amazing. Love and miss you!