Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Witch hat is Witch?

I told the kids we were going to do a Halloween craft today. They were totally excited… like screaming and jumping up and down excited. Then they asked me if we could do a countdown to Halloween like we did a countdown to Easter. I said no (because I am busy and tired and apparently I am NO fun…).
Then I felt bad.
So guess what we are doing for the next 12 days…
Thirteen Spooky Days till Halloween. Coincidence… yes. Spooky… definitely!!
The craft that had them jumping and screaming today was Witch Hats. (So easy that it made me think I can come up with 12 more Halloween crafts…)
I got the idea from something I had pinned a few weeks ago. (Please tell me you all know about pinterest… my husband even has his own account now!!)  It is WAY cuter than mine, but I just didn’t feel like food coloring the icing so we had white and the kids didn’t care AT ALL!! Keepin’ it simple, folks!!

You need Hershey’s kisses, Keebler Fudge cookies, and some icing (colored if you want to be cool.) Also, a tip… have a bowl for the kids to put their kiss wrappers in. It will definitely save you from picking up little pieces of foil off your floor.
I’m sure there is a “right” way to get that icing on your kiss, but we went for the easy way.
2011-10-19 witch hats 003
I gave all the kids a cookie and a Hershey’s kiss and as I was getting the icing ready (I stuck it in the microwave for a few seconds so it would be easier to dip…) I looked over and asked Alex where his treats were…
2011-10-19 witch hats 005
Witch hats. Totally yummy. Totally fun. And so easy it’s scary!
2011-10-19 witch hats 015
2011-10-19 witch hats 012

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