Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hauntings Past

On November 1st Zack started planning his Halloween costume for the next year. He’s gone through lots of choices. Avatar, Ninja, Cowboy… who knows what he will come up with. As it is looming closer he is really getting excited and as we have been talking about it, I realized I never posted pictures of last year’s spooky fun. So… in case you need some super awesome costume inspiration, I give you…

Halloween Russ Style 2010

All Abby wanted to be was a butterfly. Lucky for her (or for me, really) Lila’s costume from a few years ago fit perfectly!!


Lila decided she wanted to be a princess. (She is wearing the tiara I wore for my wedding)


Here she is in her school parade with her Connecticut best friend “The Tooth Fairy” Daniella. (Don’t worry Kay… you’re still the Boston best friend!!)


Alex the Lion showed up as well. He perfected his ROAR when his trainer tried to make him wear his mane.


As soon as Zack saw this “SQUAT” team costume he was IN LOVE.


And you can’t be on the SQUAT team without a criminals to bring in.


Just be careful not to let your man get away!!


Johnny’s sporting a REAL prison jumpsuit. His tattoo sleeves are incredibly real looking and he loves them. He wore this outfit to our church Halloween party (where no one knew us yet) and I think people thought that he really had tattoos all over his arms. One of our new friends was so impressed with them that he went to the party store THAT NIGHT and got himself some tattoo arms. They are awesome!


Happy Halloween Everyone!! (just a weeeee bit late!!)



Eliza said...

Oh,my! This is wonderful! The Squat team!??! Jan and I were rolling! And even though Johnny's arms and jump suit may look very authentic, I'm afraid that his countenance is still to bright and good to pass as a criminal. Perhaps if he was sporting one of his scary family reunion mustaches he could hide some of that brightness? Just a suggestion, if he wants to take it to the next level. Also, loved your lion and the tamer combo. Emily, for reals, you are putting the rest of us to SHAME! But keep on doing it, cuz you do it so well!

The Arbuckle's said...

love it.