Friday, November 11, 2011

Sleepy Babe

 Alex just turned two but don't be fooled by his sweet little face. The boy thinks he is four. (Though if you ask HIM, he says he's THE baby!!)

He has recently decided that he is too big to take naps. Not officially, of course, but by staging a (sort of cute) protest of singing and playing in his crib at nap time.

The result is that this little boy of mine is sleepy. Almost all the time.  (And, by golly, I sure know how he feels!!)


But when he falls asleep in the car, I get to carry him into the house and snuggle my cheeks against his cheeks and (reluctantly) tuck him into his bed.

Oh, how I love this little man of mine. I wish I could just freeze time for a little while...

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