Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sick of sick.

Yesterday Alex had an earache, 

Zack had a headache, and fever, 

Lila had a sore throat, 

and Abby was puking. 

So lovely.

In describing his earache, Alex said "mommy, a bug flew in my ear and is stinging me." And he later told Lila that "my cough scratched my ear and hurted it. uh huh. it did." I had a little flash back to when Zack's ear drum popped...

Turns out that in addition to Alex's ear infection and Zack's sinus infection, all four of them have strep throat.

We ended up at the doctor's office twice and the pharmacy multiple times. But most of the last few days have been spent like this...

In looking back through the pictures from my phone I realized we've been sick a lot lately.  My favorite was the "vampire flu" which lasted for almost 3 weeks and had everyone puking for days (but mostly only at night!)


Abby was sick for 17 days.

So I guess it could be worse (again) right! 
I think it is safe to say that we are sick of being sick!!


Natalie said...

Do you wonder if there might be something bigger going on that is making everyone sick all the time? Besides the rotten fridge.

Shay said...

OH NO! That's awful! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

EmmaLee said...

I guess it can always be worse! Apparently not for you though, that's pretty bad! Good thing they have awesome parents!

Lindsey said...

I will agree with you, your family has been sick a lot. Have you thought of getting your house tested for mold?
I wish I could help. Hope everyone is on the mend.