Wednesday, September 19, 2007


All of you that have a blog probably hope that your family comes and checks it regularly. It is sure is nice when they leave a comment to let you know they are there and they care. But after talking to my Mom this morning I learned what a truly dedicated family member will do.

My Mom was over visiting my Grandmother (they live next door), and my Grandmother was asking about the twins and saying how she never got to see any pictures. So my Mom showed her how to get to our blog on the internet. Apparently my Grandmother was so pleased with our blog, that she printed off the entire blog with all of the post, and mailed it to her brother. He lives somewhere in Louisiana where they don't have high speed internet available yet (yes, such places do exist).

Grandmother, thanks for reading. We will do our best to make sure that we keep our pictures and blog posts worthy of your ink, paper, and stamps.

P.S. Hi Bobby & Charlotte!


Marianne said...

o.k that is so sweet. YOu are so lucky to have such a great family :)

Nick said...

Yeah, Johnny I agree. That's a cute little story.