Sunday, September 23, 2007

Little moments

There are some days as a mom that I think... man, this is the hardest job in the world (which I am convinced that it really is, by the way). And on most days I go through the day doing everything for everyone else without a whole lot of recognition and/or thanks. I mean, let's face it, a 2 year old doesn't really know how much work it is to fold the laundry (they just think it looks like a fun place to jump around) or make dinner (which no matter what it is, is something that they don't like) But... there are little moments in most days that make me think, ok, this is why I love my job. These are the moments that make it all worth it. The moments that help me get through the sleepless nights, and the crying. The moments that motivate me to wipe out the high chairs for the 17th time again today (ugggghhh!!).

Tonight I had a few of those moments. I took a few minutes to really play with my kids, which I realized I don't do all that often. I was crawling around playing chase with the babies & they were hanging onto my shirt and walking beside me... they were laughing and giggling. I was playing peek-a-boo with Abby tonight while she took her bath and she was just laughing and laughing. I wish I could capture the sound of her giggle. The babies have started to wave and say buh buh (bye bye) and so I was trying to get them to talk and they were so incredibly proud of themselves!! It was amazing what effect my attention had on them and it is humbling to realize how much they love and need me. They don't care about anything else, they just love me like crazy no matter what I do.

Then as Lila went off to bed she hollered at the top of the stairs "goodnight, I love you." And then she blew me a kiss "mmmmmuuuuhhhh" and a hug "ehhhehehehhh" (blowing hugs were her own incredibly cute creation!) and I was just thinking about how great it is when your kids can tell you they love you all by themselves.

So, tonight I don't really have anything funny or witty to say but I wanted to write down how I was feeling so that tomorrow morning when I wake up to cranky, hungry, crying kids... I'll remember that there are little moments in life that make it all worthwhile. Tonight, I am totally in love with my kids!

I also decided to post a few of my favorite bath time pictures here. There's just something sweet about a clean baby!

This is not necessarily the best picture ever, but
MAN I love those big blue eyes!!


Zack & Abby


katieo said...

I'm tearing up!
1) I totally know what you mean about taking the time to play with your kids. Whenever I do, I always think, I need to do this more, we ALL have so much fun!
2)ADORABLE pictures. You and Johhny make some pretty darned cute kids.
3) Oh My GOSH. Wiping TWO high chairs. Seriously. I go crazy wiping all the crap off of one. It's getting a little chilly now, but when it was really hot, at the end of the day, I'd just take it outside and hose it down.
4) Blowing hugs? Please. THE CUTEST.

Tiffany said...


So true, Em. Thanks for the reminder that we should all get down and play, really play, with the kids more often. Tonight I really loved my kids too. I even had Brad take pics of me reading to both of them at the same time. If I had a blog I would probably post them. But, surprise I don't. Well I am in the process. As for the blowing hugs thing....Seriously is Lila a genius or what?


Corinne said...

Emily, thanks for posting. I have been so tired and so grouchy lately with my kids. Thanks for reminding about why I amd going what I am doing. You're amazing!

Marianne said...

ok that was THE cutest post i've ever read. I love days like that and it definately makes the "hard" ones worth it. i'm so glad you reminded all of us to slow down and enjoy our babies. You are such a sweet and wonderful mother. :)

Cassi said...

Ohhh...what a good mom. I miss you so much I am going to be sick! Ok that doesn't really make sense. But I really miss you and your little family so much it makes my stomach hurt. Ask Lila to blow me, Ben, Josh, and Cameron a hug!!

Shawnee said...

Em, you are such a good example! I have so many worries about becoming a mom one day, but you help me to know it's OK! :) Love your family!

Amy said...

Why are bath pictures so fun? Naked baby skin is just irresistible, I guess.

Natalie said...

So Benson is 10 days old now and I don't think we've played yet. I am going to do better. Thanks for the inspiration.... nat