Friday, September 21, 2007

Subpar Heros!

Tonight we got two spectacular visits. First to appear on the scene was none other than the evil super villian "Diaper Hands".

Diaper Hands primary mode of attack is to use those powerful diaper hands to take various body parts such as your nose, your ear, or even your chin. Here is a shot of an attack about to commence.

Fortunately for me, "Spiderman" came just in time to thwart the attack and save the day (those are her pajama pants).

Stay posted for further developments.


Marianne said...

So CUte! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I don't know what gave you the idea that I exaggerate. You must have me confused with Amy! :) just kidding. I wanted to take the picture next to a ruler but i knew he'd freak. :) i love the blue walls in your house with the wood floors. Soooo cute!

katieo said...

My boys must not see diaper hands! lol!

She is such a ham!

Anonymous said...

now that i'm in college i spend an awful lot of extra time on the computer. Danny told me about your page and i now read it every day because i think it's so fun. It's crazy how big your kids are getting, they are so stinkin adorable i wish i got to see them more often. Tell Lila, Zach, and Abby that i said hello. i miss you guys!!
Love, Shanna

Cassi said...

Miss that cute Lila bean....she is just so creative!