Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kids Say The Darndest Things 2008

Here is this year’s poster. For you new readers check out last year’s installment of "Kids Say The Darndest Things" for an explanation. Most of the quotes are from Lila. (If they don't have a name they're from her). There are a few good ones from Abby & Zack, but they're just coming into their element. We are anticipating some real gems from them two in 2009.

To read the quotes you can zoom in and out on the image below. Just click the image (not the little box in the corner) with your mouse or roll your scroll wheel, or you can use the buttons at the bottom.

So what are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.


Em Russ said...

one more... "Mommy, sometimes when it's not Christmas we're mad at each other but when it's Christmas "WHOOP!!" our nice light turns on inside of us!"

Thanks, Lila!! :)

Em Russ said...

p.s. I thought I'd say which ones are my favorites, though it's hard to choose!

"if you want to do something and your breath is out, you just have to catch it first"

"what animals do french fries come out of?"

Tiffany said...

Tiff's fav's:

L: If I just lick myself then I will be clean(referring to taking a bath)

L: My daddy said I can have a baby when I am a teenager

A: He has peanut butter in his diaper.

I have a couple of others but can't go back to remind myself. I love this idea and wanted to steal it last year and then forgot about it. i will start tomorrow. It makes me sad cause I know there is so much funny stuff I have missed this year with Carson learning how to talk better. Oh well, better late than never. Lila really is the funniest girl. love your babies!

katieo said...

The one about Lila teaching Zac how to ask for a glass of milk. And Daddy giving the go ahead to have a teenage pregnancy.

Seriously. I love these.

(but I think our family is backwards, sometimes WHOOP!!, our mean lights turn on inside around Christmas, sometimes Mommy can get a little nuts. ;)

Lisa said...

yep, the teenage pregnancy is the best one. good one, johnny, good one.

Anonymous said...

Lila is so creative. There were a lot of hers that made me laugh. I too wish I would have done this. I remember thinking the same thing last year like Tiffany. It is sad how much we forget if we don't right it down.

I like when Lila said she's from cleanville and Zach is from cryalotville or something like that.

I also like the one about feeling the spirit while she cleaned the toilet.

Anonymous said...

um...i publish anonymous because I couldn't figure out how to do it with my name and password. I'm still figuring this blogging stuff out I guess. Melanie :)

Anonymous said...

the catching the breath and teenage pregnancy are defiantly my two favorites. Thanks for making my day at work interesting!
-Millie Haws Lewis

Amateur Steph said...

I love these posters! My personal favorite is about feeling the spirit while cleaning the toilet. That happens to me all the time. :)

Tanya said...

it's not working for me. i am so sad. i am reading the comments and i know what i am missing out on. so cute!

Monica said...

My favorite: Lila "feeling the spirit" while cleaning the toilet. Haha! So hilarious!

Marianne said...

guess what, you'll be so proud of me, i did do that but timed them to all come at the same time, so i could be all caught up but they took m eforever to finish, i started them last week. thanks for the tip though you tech wiz :) tell that gorgies wife of yours i said hi :)

Andrea said...

These are just priceless!!! What a great idea. I miss you guys. I would take a week of snowy weather here to have church canceled:)!! Your kids are growing up! They are lucky to have such wonderful, creative, loving parents. Love you guys!! Andrea

katieo said...

Emily - throw us a line here! We need an update STAT.

Eliza said...

Oh, man! Em, you have got some serious treasures here! GEMS, I tell you!

Some of my favorites, (it is hard to choose!) were:
Lila's comment about her best friend who's name she doesn't know but she is "working on it"
Also loved Lila admonishing Zack to try saying please - so funny!
And I loved Lila saying "heck not" when you asked her to change Abby's diaper.

Thank you for sharing this with us. It makes the world a better place.