Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the second day of Christmas…

The Russes gave to me…

Some hand picked STRAWBERRIES!

It’s strange to think that it was hot here once because I’m wrapped in a blanket freezing as I type this. I guess that’s what you get when you’re playing blog catch up.

Anyway, back when it was warm outside we organized a little outing to the Strawberry Fields (thinking Beatles?) The kids LOVE strawberries so I REALLY wanted to take the kids to pick some. It was an ambitious outing involving BLISTERING heat, a little bathroom accident (when do they ever really become potty trained??) and a long, HOT (did I mention it was HOT) walk to the field.

2008-06-27 strawberry picking 028

It was funny watching the kids realize that they can actually eat the strawberries they pick off the vine (and the ground).

2008-06-27 strawberry picking 008 2008-06-27 strawberry picking 011

but oh, how sweet they were!! (and they made delicious jam!!) They had a great time hunting for the strawberries.

2008-06-27 strawberry picking 040

And picking the strawberries was almost as much fun as climbing in the tree afterwards!!

2008-06-27 strawberry picking 107

I had to include this one because of our strollers in the background. The funny thing is that a few of my friends with Phil & Teds didn’t make it. You should see the stroller line up when we’re all together! LOVE that stroller!!

2008-06-27 strawberry picking 004


Lisa said...

I've been hoping you'd post again soon. Love the srawb photos.

Angie said...

Great idea about the 12 days of Christmas! Cute kids and I love the pictures of them in the strawberry patch.

Ellen said...

Cute pics of the strawberries! Makes me want summer even more! Thanks for watching the kids today. Ella wants a sleepover with Lila and Nathan LOVED the dinosaur chicken nuggets. (He said he was in heaven!) Anyway, thanks again.

Tami said...

You really can tell that it was hot. The kids are sweaty and the girls' hair was curly/frizzy!
Love it!