Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the sixth day of Christmas…

The Russes gave to me…

A few warm days on a Florida vacation.

Our frequent readers know that I use our time in Florida to try and compensate for all the experiences that urban life deprives my children of. Abby seemed to have received a little more southern blood than Zack (Walmart wildlife).

“Abby, do you want to hold the star fish?”

2008-07-31 Beach fun 138 “Zack, do you want to hold the star fish?”

2008-07-31 Beach fun 141

“Abby, do you want to hold the snake?”

2008-07-24 black racer snake 019 “Zack, do you want to hold the snake?”

2008-07-24 black racer snake 021

Ironically Abby was terrified of my brothers dog, Mojo. I quote, “Mojo getting me, Daddy, Mojo getting me!” Zack, on the other hand, was a big fan of Mojo.

2008-08-02 Rice Family Photo Shoot 200

I am not sure why, but neither of them was interested in picking up these guys.

2008-07-30 Robert 009

2008-07-25 Backyard Fun 002

I knew Lila’s previous visits (gettin’ uncitified) had paid off when she begged to get buried in the backyard.

2008-07-25 Backyard Fun 088

One afternoon Emily heard Lila’s terrified scream from the backyard. She ran out to find Lila stranded half way up the trunk of the big oak tree. Luckily Lila was happy to provide a reenactment for the camera.

2008-07-25 Backyard Fun 041 2008-07-25 Backyard Fun 048

After some time at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house we headed for the beach. See "Hat's Off To Zack" for an explanation of the Zack's apparel.

2008-07-31 Beach fun 1552008-07-31 Beach fun 1532008-07-28 On the Beach 009 2008-07-28 On the Beach 062 For the first few days Lila wouldn't do anything without her mask and floaties.

2008-07-30 Beach and Pool 020

But with a little help from her uncles she was swimming like a fish in no time.

2008-07-31 Beach fun 101 “Zack, do you want to swim in the ocean?”2008-07-31 Beach fun 193 “Abby, do you want to swim in the ocean?”

2008-07-31 Beach fun 194

There is at least one good thing about your kids waking up before the sun while you are on vacation.2008-07-29 sunrise 035

This is my entry for the annual Russtache party. 2008-07-29 Russtache 004

Family picture? Well at least we tried.2008-08-01 Family photo shoot 011 2008-08-01 Family photo shoot 041 2008-08-01 Family photo shoot 309 2008-08-01 Family photo shoot 3512008-07-27 Beach cookout 048 2008-07-27 Beach cookout 106

As much fun as the sand and sun is, that isn’t why we visit Florida. Getting to have fun with the whole Russ family is what keeps us coming back. This is all 17 of the grandkids.2008-07-27 Beach cookout 144 And the rest of the Russ clan.2008-07-27 Beach cookout 188


Bryan and Amanda Russ said...

I love the picture of you two together...beautiful! How funny that Abby is the wildlife lover, her and Makayla will be best buds!

katieo said...

Ok. All of these pictures are adorable but my favorite has got to be Zack looking like he REALLY didn't want to hold a snake.

Every picture of Lila is hilarious because you can see her personality perfectly.

and the fact that an annual Russtache party even EXISTS ... I don't even know what to say about that. wow.

Bob said...

Johnny, you should rock that Russtache year round!!!

Tami said...

My favorite pictures are the one of your little family. I love the one of you holding hands and walking on the beach. So cute, and I agree that I love the picture of the two of you. Adorable! These posts sure make me miss your kids.

Amateur Steph said...

You guys take such vibrant and expressive pictures. I love it.