Friday, September 16, 2011

How to Rodeo.

A few months ago we were talking about cowboys and I told Zack I knew lots of REAL cowboys in Utah. His response was classic.

“WHAT. IN. THE. HECK? Cowboys still exist? I thought they were extinct!!”

So, to prove they were real, we decided to take the kids to a real live Pioneer Day Rodeo.

When attending a rodeo there are a few things you need to remember.

Most important, you need to have a hat. If you can’t wear your great grandpa Barrett’s authentic cowboy hat (like Grandpa Otis is) and if your mom searches every store around and can’t find a cowboy hat for you (that doesn’t cost a bazillion dollars)… you’ll have to wear your Boston/MIT digs.

2011-07-20 Rodeo 002

Either way, when they ride by with the stars and stripes… don’t forget to put it over your heart!! (Which will be bursting with pride at this great nation we live in!!)

2011-07-20 Rodeo 010

2011-07-20 Rodeo 011

And definitely don’t forget your BOOTS!! Pink boots are best,

2011-07-20 Rodeo 024

but brown are good too…

2011-07-20 Rodeo 019

“Slip Slops” (what Alex calls his flip flops) however are NOT good. They will fall underneath the bleachers and then Grandpa will have to go rescue them for you!

2011-07-20 Rodeo 020

You’ll also want something soft to sit on… especially if that something is your grandma!

2011-07-20 Rodeo 012

And don’t forget to watch the actual rodeo. It will have you laughing and screaming and cheering harder than you have in years. Seriously SO much fun!! Even the baby brother will say “WOW” when the bucking broncos come out, and then he will sit mesmerized by the whole thing!

(see Zack… REAL cowboys DO exist!!)2011-07-20 Rodeo 015

But whatever you do, DON’T forget your SMILE!! (Even if it is missing a few teeth!!)

2011-07-20 Rodeo 005

No matter what happens, we’re sure you will LOVE the Rodeo. (Almost as much as this little guy loves his big sister!!)

2011-07-20 Rodeo 022


Liz said...

I enjoyed this blog very much. You have the sweetest family. I wish we could spend more time with them.

Anonymous said...

This was such a cute blog, you definitely got me wanting to go to the rodeo. Especially if those cute kids would be sitting by me...hope to see you guys sometime before they are all grown up. Mary Ann Hunt

Amateur Steph said...

I'm so glad Zack got to see some real live cowboys! If only they had real life fairies my girls would freak out.

The Arbuckle's said...

That is funny. I LOVE a good rodeo.

Nick said...

Your kids are awesome.

Amy said...

We also recently did a rodeo, and I was surprised by how much fun it was. Paul, on the other hand, being the wannabe cowboy, was not impressed with the amateur rodeo we saw and has since purchased tickets to a rodeo on the professional circuit.