Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Black Milk vs. White Milk

I like to give my children the illusion of choice. So while getting food for Lila, I will frequently give her list of things that she surely won't want and only one or two choices that she might actually eat. For example, at breakfast the list might be, "Lila, do you want to eat carpet, diapers, dirt, cereal, or pancakes?" This has been working very well.

This morning as I was bringing out the milk to put in Lila's cereal I asked, "Do you want black milk or white milk with your cereal?" To my surprise Lila replied, "Black milk." I thought she was kidding and tried to give her the white milk and she got quite upset. Fortunately for me, Emily keeps black food coloring on hand (I don't know what for either). So we whipped up a batch of black milk and Lila loved it.

How do you take your milk?

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Em Russ said...

Funny you mention it, Johnny. I am actually using the black food coloring for a spider cake I'm making TOMORROW!! (That is, if you didn't use it all to turn the milk black.) It should be interesting so all you bloggers out there stay tuned for pictures!

Marianne said...

ok that is so cute. what a great dad. i love idea of adding crazy options to there options. so clever. i always just say this shirt or that shirt. pancakes or oatmeal but dirt and diapers, sooooo russ-genius! :)

Nick said...

Alright, you really do have a wierd child... Not really, but I do think she is quite hilarious! I've heard of green milk on st. patty's day but never black milk. Good thinking Johnny. Now what will you do if she wants white milk? OH well.

Marianne said...

hey Emily, it's all about jippin ideas. I search for ideas ALL THE TIME. i'm hooked on searching for ideas and then i steal them or just make it my own. Girl you know you are way more amazing than i could ever be. you did have twins you know. :) and i'm dying to see your spider cake.

Tanya said...

she is cute! what a funny little girl and a good helper in the kitchen. i have been wondering if that playdoh ever came out of your carpet ever since i saw it on your blog!

Marci said...

This is so funny. Have you considered writing a parenting book, Johnny??? :)

Shay said...

That is hilarious! What a fun mom you are. I love your blog!