Thursday, October 4, 2007

Twins For Sale

Two babies for sale!
Two babies for sale!
Two sitting and spitting young babies for sale!
I'm really not kidding,
So who'll start the bidding?
Do I hear a dollar?
A nickel?
A penny?
Oh, isn't there, isn't there, isn't there any
One kid who will buy these old babies for sale,
These sitting and spitting young babies for sale?
(adapted from Sister for Sale by Shel Silverstein)

Saturday my twins club held our semiannual tag sale. My brother Andy called to congratulate me on my "twins sale" profits but he said I should have held out for more money. He says Abby & Zack are worth way more than what I got from the sale!!

I've been working like crazy for weeks trying to get ready for this sale. After tagging over 400 items, and writing my number (ER 219) the brand, size, and price on each item, I almost felt like selling a few of my kids!!

A few times Lila would come across something I was going to sell and say "Mommy... please don't sell it, please Mommy. Someone gave it to me." (I don't know who this ambiguous someone is.) If I was lucky, she would forget about her new favorite book (or whatever) and then I could hide it back in my pile.

When I was loading everything into the van I took the car seats out. When Lila saw her booster seat next to the stuff for sale, she got quite upset and begged, "Please, don't sell my seat!" Yesterday as Johnny was packing her stuff in the suitcase to go to Florida she said "Mommy, please don't tag my stuff..."

These pictures really don't do it justice, but my van was completely full TWICE!! This is all the clothes, etc. Sorted by gender and size (and there are more rubbermaids hiding in the picture that you can't see.)

This is a shot from the driver's seat of all the toys & gear. I took this picture while I was stopped at a light and it doesn't even capture half the stuff I sold. I was really late the morning of the sale and I had all this stuff that I was supposed to have set out early. As always happens when I am late, I missed my exit and then got lost. The entire time I was trying to figure out how to get back to the right road Lila's little "princess potty" was making magical wand noises and fanfare the entire time. "Da Duh Duh Daaahhh!!!"

Even though I came home with a van full of stuff (some of which I bought) the sale was an incredible success!! And you're right, Andy, the twins are worth WAYYY more than I made from the sale!


Marci said...

Hello??? Your new template is SOOOO cute! I love it! Did you get it off that site you were telling me about? You're going to have to give me the name again. Ahhh - the twins sale. Aren't you glad it's over?

I better go get ready while I still have time. :) Love that Lila's princess potty was giving you magic spells to find your way!

Tanya said...

Johnny & Emily! So good to hear from you guys! Travis will be so excited. Very cute family. Twins!!!??? I can't imagine. Where are you guys living? What are you up to?


Marianne said...

ok wow! you have soooo much stuff. i can't even believe it. Did you have like a dozen showers??? :) i'm glad you drive a van too. :)

Marianne said...

p.s. where did you get your back ground from. i love it. so so cute!

Em Russ said...

I got most of it off of Craigslist or for free from random places. Crazy huh!

My new background came from