Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane

Last night I was sitting around thinking about folding laundry and Johnny said "so we need to leave for the airport about 2 tomorrow." I said "Thursday." and he said "no, tomorrow". I said "no, Thursday!" (You can imagine how this went back and forth.) Anyway, I was totally wrong and Johnny and Lila left for Florida today (Wednesday). They're going for Johnny's 10 year high school reunion. (At this point I just want to interject for any of the Fremont High School Class of '97 Senior officers who might read my blog and who have totally neglected to plan my high school reunion... I am very disappointed in you!)

Anyway, Johnny and Lila went for about a week. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I've never been away from Lila for more than a day. If you add up all the time that she's been away from me in her almost 3 year little life it probably doesn't add up to a week. I'm sure that she'll be fine, but I've grown quite attached to her and her ENDLESS questions and chatter! On the other hand, I am sort of looking forward to the break and to being here by myself. (And when I say "by myself" I really mean here with two babies!) While they're gone I'm planning on painting and redecorating Lila's room (which is about to become all the kids room because I'm ready for the babies to be moving out of my room). It should be interesting and slightly ambitious so stay tuned for updates.

As we pulled up to the airport Johnny sang just a bit of the "leaving on a jet plane" song. As I was getting Lila out of the car she seemed a little worried and said "I don't know when I'll be back again." (FYI that's the next line of the jet plane song.) I told her not to worry, she'd be back on Tuesday. Don't worry though, she left with a smile!

Then as I watched her little ponytail and her backpack walk into the airport... I couldn't help it. I cried! :) I'm going to miss my baby!! (oh... and Johnny too!)


Cassi said...

This is so sweet. I love the mental picture of her swinging pony tail and bouncing backpack holding onto Daddy's hand. Oh they are just so cute....makes me miss my little guy. How did the painting go last night?

Heidi said...

I cannot even stand how cute she is! That perfect little face, I'M going to miss her!! I hope the "break" is nice for you, and you get the whole room redone! Good luck!

Marianne said...

HIS 10 year! wow, i'm getting old! that should be fun. are you going too? have fun redoing her room.

katieo said...

That is so adorable it makes me want to cry...

that i don't have a girl. WAAA!

Ok, no really. SO cute. And I LOVE that you cried!!

She looks like such a big girl Emmie. Hold on. Today a trip with Daddy, tomorrow the prom, lol.
(oh. and cute new blog look!)

Andrea said...

My kids saw this picture and said "I want to see Lila when she comes to FL! We miss her!" 10 days is a long time!! How did it go? I bet it was a nice break but a hard one too.